Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bloggaday 142 – The Karma Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Non-Denominational Party Spectacular

Bloggaday 142 – The Karma Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Non-Denominational Party Spectacular

Happy first day it hasn’t been a 4th of July holiday

Karma will make you her bitch.

It’s a relatively common saying,* but Karma ain’t afraid to tag up and go handicap on your ass.

It has a tendency of joining up with long-time partners Yin and Yang to bend folks over the railing to keep the status quo. By that I mean bad things don’t always happen to bad people and good things don’t happen to those who do good things. Sometimes, Karma and Yin and Yang will work together giving a few good things, but to balance it out, also some bad things.

Yesterday (technically today since that’s when I’m writing this particular part) was a rather good example of it. To get a fuller picture though, I’ll extend it a few days. It was kind of rough, but I’ll start from the beginning.

One of the good things. Saturday, I figured out the tailbone pain I’ve been having for 2+ months actually is something I can go to the doctors for and probably get solved. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make any appointments Sunday or Monday because of the 4th of July.

Now, two other big positives. Food. Had a great breakfast yesterday, and when you add that with my awesome discovery homemade sorbet, and all that other stuff, it was nice. A strong positive. I also found out Saturday, that my laptop was “At dest sort facility,” so if they were working Sunday or Monday, it would have arrived on either day. So it should be coming sometime today. I’m actually surprised it didn’t show up Saturday. It got there at like 5 am. I guess it takes a while to sort.

So I’ve racked up some major +Karma points this weekend. Unfortunately, what Karma giveths, so shall it bitchslap you with. I’m just going to spout out some of the negatives that happened Monday in particular.

I think if I were to describe it with one word, I would probably go with pain. Oh the pain. I busted two of my knuckles, which made washing dishes suck a little bit, and when you’re klutzing it up pretty hard for the day because you’re going to hit them a few more time. That and like I said, I had a klutz day, walking into things, hitting things, and whatnot.

Also, the tailbone thing is a bitch. On top of that pain, I’ve been trying to adjust my sitting to minimize it, but that’s starting to catch up with me. My neck and shoulders are getting tense, which is giving me headaches, and my lower back is starting to feel it.

The last “pain” thing is due to my crazy wide feet. I’ve been trying to break in and stretch my converses that I got a while back, but today was not a good day for that. I tried something different where I only laced the top few holes and left the bottom few unlaced in hoped it would loosen up a little bit. Well, I ended up do a lot and I do mean a lot, no I don’t, a lot is an understatement of walking that went very badly. My feet would slide back and forth a tiny bit so the ball of my foot for my big toe is just sore and raw. Then the seem of my sock got rolled to my pinky which increased and focused the pressure, and these are shoes that pressed my pinky into my second toe and cut with the toenail.

Granted, it wasn’t as bad as the K-mart walk, which was several years ago when my family and I walked to K-mart. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how long of a walk it would be, so we’re walking for like 3 hours and my sister has the stroller, and it just suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. As I said, I’ve got crazy wide feet, so my shoes didn’t fit and it ended up breaking open my toe. When I got home, I took my show off and my sock is just soaked in blood.** Now that I think about it, we weren’t walking to K-mart, I was pitching in the World Series

Well, I’m over my wordcount. I was hoping to add a little bit when my laptop arrived, but that’ll have to wait for another day. Oh. And I got up late, which just blows.

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142 July 6

* I think…?

** I exaggerate slightly for effect

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