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Bloggaday 152 – How to Rip Audio and Install Ringtones by David Dysart

Bloggaday 152 – How to Rip Audio and Install Ringtones by David Dysart

As my shameless pilfering of the Dale Camegie book* suggests, I suppose I’m walking on the border of legality. Now, let’s begin, but remember, shhh, we’re hustling free music.


Step 1, buy a mac.

Step 2, okay, maybe I should back up a little bit. I have a mac, and it already has all of the software needed. Even if you’re going off of a PC, it’ll probably be relevant. You just need iTunes and software that can handle and edit audio like Garageband.

Okay, I’m going to go through a couple of different ways to get audio.

Say you’re watching your favorite episode of Two and a Half Men and you want Jake’s “The name is Kunockers, Vod Kunockers” as your ringtone for your mom. Well, this is where your roads split.

Version 1 (The easy, but expensive {$10} version)

Materials needed: a computer, garageband, iTunes, audio cable, and playable audio.

Step 1

This way will cost you $10. So you have to buy an audio cable, male ends on both sides, the same thing that plugs into your laptop/iPod. You can find them everywhere from Target to Best Buy. Plug it into the audio in and audio out.

Step 2

Open up garageband, podcast, hit record for the male voice. Make sure you are using the built in audio in and audio out (found from the top bar, “garageband,” “preference,” “audio” tab.

Step 3

Play the selected video/audio from the DVD, Hulu, online radio, or let’s say, Youtube music video on your computer. You can also plug the cable into anything with an audio out.

Step 4

To make sure you get a seamless playback, hit record on garabgeband and restart the desired audio. Once it stops, stop the recording.

Step 5

It’s relatively easy to lop off the beginning and end. Drag the playback arrow, hit “command T” and then reselect the junk clip. Tap Delete.

Step 6

Now, a ringtone can only be a maximum of 30 seconds, so keep that in mind. Now, if you go to “Share” in Garageband up on top, you can send it to iTunes as a ringtone or as a podcast, but a “podcast” won’t have the time limit, so you can just listen to it as you would a song.

Step 7

If you chose “ringtone,” then all you have to do is make sure your device syncs it up. If you sent it as a podcast, you just need to do one more things to make it playback like a song. “Control’ ‘click” the song in iTunes, hit “Get Info” from the dropdown menu. Then click the “options” tab. Here, you want to make sure it plays in shuffle and it DOES NOT remember position in playback.

Step 8

Rock out with your over-clock out.

As I said earlier, there is another way to go about doing this. Version 2 doesn’t require the cable, just a downloaded version of whatever you wanted to rip. So if you wanted to get audio from a DVD, you would need software like Handbrake (, which allows you to download Movies and TV shows from DVD’s.

Well, I’m already tapping on my wordcount, so you’ll just have to figure out how to jerry-rig it like I had to. It was the first one I worked out before I moved on to version 1. You’ll probably have to use iMovie between iTunes and garageband. It looks like the new garageband can handle it all though.

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* I’ve never read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Camegie, but I’m sure it’s a fine book.

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