Monday, July 12, 2010

Bloggaday 148 – SotW 7

Bloggaday 148 – SotW 7

Chuck: Hello everybody and welcome back to the Song of the Week.

Tom: Yes, folks, it has already been a week since you’ve read our ramblings.

Chuck: I’ve got to say, Tom, it feels like just yesterday.

Tom: Well, perhaps we should just right to it then.

Chuck: Wow, Tom. I’m impressed. You never show this kind of work ethic.

Tom: Well, Chuck, I’ve got a hot date after this.

Chuck: Let me guess, my wife?

Tom: Chuck, I’m hurt. To think that I would betray our working relationship by taking your wife out tonight.

Chuck: I’m sorry, Tom. I just…

Tom: I’m waiting until Saturday when you go out of town.


Tom: SO I guess we should get to that song now.

Chuck: …

Tom: This week’s SotW is

Re: Your Brains


Jonathan Coulton


Tom: You know what, Chuck. It turns out that even though it’s an older download, “Re: Your Brains” shows up on such new playlists as “aYoga.”


Tom: Actually, Chuck, you were supposed to say something.

Chuck: …

Tom: Well, if Chuck was talking to me, I’m sure would say, something along the lines of, “Wow, Tom, Zombies and yoga? Seems like quite the odd couple to me.”

Chuck: You know, she told me she was going bowling with her girlfriends on Saturday.

Tom: Well, I’m not a girl, and I don’t plan on striking out.

Chuck: …

Tom: Anyways, after you would have said that, I would have followed up with something about the song being about zombies at work and would have made the counterpoint that work and yoga was even weirder than zombies and yoga

Chuck: …

Tom: Well, I guess we can skip all of the foreshadowing of next week’s episode and just skip to the outro.

Chuck: …

Tom: Go ahead. I know you want to.

Chuck: No

Tom: Come on.

Chuck: It’s just that I don’t know if you’re kidding me sometimes. It just makes me feel really insecure

Tom: Wow, I meant for you to do the outro, not be a baby.* And I cleaned that up because of how you’re acting

Chuck: Alright. Folks, you can find us here on the Bloggaday every week, but don’t be afraid to tune in everyday for other content such as the weekly edition of PWND this Wednesday, which bring you fresh fiction content from Bloggaday author, David Dysart.

Tom: Thanks, everybody.

Listening to

Ming Warrior and Fench Musketeer by The Deadliest Warrior

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148 July 12, 2010

* Unfortunately, I didn’t have the Scott Sigler disclaimer

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