Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bloggaday 156 – Pushing weekly magazine updates

Bloggaday 156 – Pushing weekly magazine updates

Yeesh, I’m starting to feel bad. I’m just kind of throwing ideas at the fine folks over at The Sand Canyon Review. Granted, I’m the PR groupleader, but we’re not even in class until January.

Just a quick thing about the websites. I would like to update them once a week, preferably on a set day. I’m not sure what you guys would want that content to be though. Maybe some stats or interesting facts about the magazine or literary world. Maybe how progress is going or some of the ideas we are having. I don’t know if we can tease some of the submissions we are getting in, like posting a really good sentence here or there or showing a picture we’ve gotten. Maybe we can go through the process of making our flyers. Perhaps we could film our next meeting, edit it, and post it online.

I feel we need to get content churning out every week. To really utilize social media as a promotional tool,* you have to give people a reason to come back regularly. I don’t think there’s anyone else out there that would be doing this kind of stuff. Originality tends to get attention. If we can pave the way for something that becomes popular, that’ll be a huge bump for us.

The plus for stuff like this is it would be a really nice dry run for a podcast. It’ll let us flush out some ideas about what we want to do. If we get a youtube page running, we can post things like meeting videos and audio updates for the magazine at no cost. We couldn’t put it an RSS feed, but it would be more like what Pam is doing with the website, just a mockup so we know what we’re doing when it comes time to do the real thing during the semester.

Just getting some ideas out there. I look forward to making this the best issue of The Sand Canyon Review with everyone. /insert rallying speech.

Have a good one, guys

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