Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bloggaday – 144 A Yogi, Pilates Instructor, and Tai Chi Master Walk Into a Bar

Bloggaday – 144 A Yogi, Pilates Instructor, and Tai Chi Master Walk Into a Bar*

I’m actually surprised it’s taken me this long to write this Bloggaday. Today has been the first day that I haven’t had a post ready to go for the morning in quite some time.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I started yoga. Well, I try to do yoga. I don’t do it well or for very long, but it’s the effort that counts, right? I figure I’m probably getting better as I go along. I have to be… right?

I actually thought about trying yoga some time ago. I went on Youtube and pulled up a video. It was some Ford model. I tried to follow along, but I said, “Ohoho screw this.” About a month or so ago though, I started my workouts described here and in more detail on some other post that I’m too lazy to dig up. After a session or two, I figured I could do that and then do a little something after them. My initial ideas including Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. I figured they could act as a good cooldown. I mean, the whole scamming on hot bendy chicks only played a 50 or 60% part in the decision.

Now, I’m not just going to jump into a class and try my best. The first thing I’ve got to do is download some podcasts and see what I can do. So I got a few different downloads for each of the three. The two I’ve done for yoga have been Yoga Today (I haven’t watched their videos yet), YOGAmazing - Yoga Lifestyle Video Podcast (watched about 12 seconds and decided I won’t be using them), and my favorite so far, Yoga & other useful stuff with Tara Stiles (Hmm, should’ve saved that “favorite so far” line for this). As I said, I’ve been watching the Tara Stiles podcast and trying my best from that. If you’re looking at trying the yoga, I would definitely recommend her. She has some really nice beginners stuff that she narrates to tell you what’s going on. The “other useful stuff” seems to be all yoga related so far. A bit of advice for your yoga classes and stuff for the lifestyle. She also had an amusing little handstand video where she would just go places and do handstands. Definitely an odd sight at a busy city.

I don’t know. Should be good. Hopefully, by thee* time I start a class, I should be slightly more respectable than I was when I started. Plus, I think the classes should be fun. Afterall, how am I not wheelhouse for hot yoga ladies? I’m all in-touch with the feely feely emotions and whatnot. Despite that sounding slightly ironic, it’s rather true.

Well, It’s 10 o’clock (sadly in the evening) and now I’ve got to try to figure out a Bloggaday for tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for this content crash for a couple of weeks now.

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* You just would have thought the Pilates Instructor and Tai Chi Master would have seen it. It’s a real tragedy

** yes, “thee time” because apparently I plan on traveling to the medieval times to learn yoga

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