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Bloggaday 137 – June Performer of the Month… Part 1?

Bloggaday 137 – June Performer of the Month… Part 1?

Chuck: Hello, folks, and welcome back to the Bloggaday

Tom: No, folks, this is not a double, Wednesday edition of The Song of the Week

Chuck: That’s right, Tom. We are here to report this month’s Performer of the Month

Tom: Not only that but also an update for the Podcaster of the year

Chuck: I know, Tom. If you wouldn’t have interrupted me, I would have gotten to that.

Tom: Of course you would have, Chuck.

Chuck: Well, I love to see your confi-

Paul: Excuse me guys. What are you doing here?

Tom: Paul?

Chuck: Well, everyone. I’d like to introduce you all to Paul. He’s the producer/director/personel/etc./etc guy for the Bloggaday.

Paul: Yeah, well, it still stands. Why the hell are you guys here?

Chuck: What do you mean? We’re doing the Performer of the Month.

Tom: Yeah, it’s kind of what we do, and you know what? We do what we do.

Paul: Well, the Performer of the Month is NOT what you guys do.

Tom: Huh?

Paul: We got two other guys to do the Performer of the Month. You guys already do the Song of the Week. Why would we have you guys do this one too?

Chuck: Wait a minute. Didn’t you tell me that David got us the job?

Tom: Yeah. I’ll get him on the phone. Hold on.

Chuck: What do you mean you got other people, Paul?

Paul: Yeah. Honestly, you guys are lucky they didn’t try out for the Song of the Week bit.

Chuck: What are you trying to say there Paul?

Phone: Ring Ring Ring

Paul: I’m saying we settled for you guys. These two are actually good at their job. They’re settling for US. Thank goodness for this economy

Chuck: I resent that, Paul.

Tom: Actually, WE resemble that, Chuck.

Chuck: Tom!

Tom: What? Do you think the other guys would be having this conversation on the Bloggaday? They probably would have stopped down for this.

Phone: Hello? Tom?

Tom: Hey. David. We need to talk to you.

Phone: What’s up?

Chuck: David. It’s Chuck. Paul is saying we didn’t get the Performer of the Month gig on the Bloggaday.

Tom: Last time we talked, you said we had the job.

Phone: When we were one the Song of the Week together? I said I would put in a good word for you guys.

Chuck: Well, you could have let us know we didn’t get it before we came on here and made assess out of ourselves.

Tom: Yeah. You’re acting about as professional as we are.

Chuck: You’re not helping our case here, Tom.

Phone: I did let you guys know. I called Tom and left a message on his answering machine.

Tom: Oh.

Chuck: Oh, what?

Tom: Yeah, I tend to get REALLY drunk and delete messages I don’t like. It’s a real bitch at times.

Chuck: Come on, Tom. We’ve got to salvage this, and that kind of language isn’t exactly getting the job done.

Tom: Well, sorry, David

Chuck: Yeah. We didn’t mean to bug you on your day off.

Phone: No problem. I hope you guys get it all figured out.

Tom: Hold on, David.

Phone: Yeah? What’s up?

Tom: Have you met the guys who are going to do the Performer of the Month?

Phone: Yeah. I’m actually surprised they’re not there. They seemed like the kind of guys that would actually get there early.

Chuck: I didn’t see anyone when I got here.

Tom: They only folks here were some roadies. They were jerks though. Said we sucked, and they could do a better job. Couple of wimps though. I cleaned that up for you, Chuck. So I kicked their a*

Phone: Did they say they could do a better job or they WOULD do a better job?

Tom: Oh. It might have been would. Ooo. Sorry. Are we going to get one of those hostile workplace things?

Chuck: Hostile workplace things? You’re probably going to jail.

Tom: Wait, wait, wait. It might not have even of been them. What were their names?

Phone: It’s Jack and Dan.

Tom: Oooo,

Chuck: Wait a minute, did you get a whiskey to do the Performer of the Month?

Tom: No, I think they got a Mellencamp song to host it.

Phone: Hey, guys. I know I’ve been with you for a while. How far into the Bloggaday are we?

Paul: Hey, David. It’s Paul. They’re already at like 750 words, and they haven’t even done anything for the Performer of the Month

Phone: Good tuck n roll. And you guys wonder why you’re not doing the Performer of the Month. Rap it up. We’ll carry it over until tomorrow.

Tom: Sorry, David. I’ll talk to you later.

Phone: Yeah, whatever.

Chuck: Woo.

Tom: Yeah, he was kind of a jerk there, huh.

Paul. Guys, you are still going.

Chuck: Okay

Tom: Quite the mess we got ourselves into.

Chuck: Yes, well… Thank you folks for dialing into the Bloggaday for the Performer of the Month. Come back tomorrow to find out the answer to this cliffhanger and Monday to see if we still have a job

Tom: Ooo, that was nicely done.

Chuck: Yeah. Tomorrow, we’ll reveal who the Performer of the Month is.

Tom: Oh, and we’ll see which podcaster took this month’s point for the race to Podcaster of the Year

Chuck: Yes. I just want to thank you all again for

Phone: Ring Ring Ring

Chuck: Come one, Tom. I’m doing the outro. Can’t you turn your phone off?

Tom: Go on.

Chuck: Thank you following us. For daily Bloggadays, you can go to

Tom: Oh, hey, Honey. So what are you wearing?

Chuck: What, did you get a new girlfriend, Tom?

Tom: Yeah, It’s your wife.

Chuck: You son of a

Paul: Okay, you guys are done.

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