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Bloggaday 160 – The TAWR Prologue

Bloggaday 160 – The TAWR Prologue

Welcome to the first ever TAWR post… kinda, or Thing a Week Response for the acronymly challenged Bloggaday readers. This actually would have ran long to include TAWR content, but this’ll break down future TAWRs. For those of you who don’t know, Jonathan Coulton is a pop culture singer/songwriter. Well, that’s the first thing that popped in my head when I went to write that sentence. Wikipedia would say JoCo “is an American singer-songwriter, famous for his songs containing themes of geek culture as well as his rise to popularity through the use of the Internet. Among his most popular songs are Re: Your Brains and Still Alive, which played over the end credits of the video game Portal.”

Until a couple of days ago, my limited knowledge of the man came from Mur Lafferty’s The Takeover which featured his song, “RE: Brains.” After pulling the clip from the show and listening to it for a while, I bought it off of iTunes. That was it until I was listening to the Nerdist Podcast. If memory serves, the host talked about him with Scott Sigler. They mentioned that he released a song a week for an entire year as a podcast. Well, after the brilliance of his zombie song, how could I not check 50+ free songs.

Wow, thank goodness I’m a dirty, dirty Sigler Junkie, ‘cause if I wouldn’t have caught that episode of Nerdist, I probably wouldn’t have found out about this phenomenon that Coulton released. It’s simply awesome.

I was being bored and listening to the impressive catalogue. I starting to formulate profound* thoughts about some of his songs as I laid there, but I figured I should probably go write a Bloggaday when it struck me, I could post a response to his TAW with my own TAW.

Of course, it’ll be written and just take up a weekly Bloggaday. Plus, it gives me a chance to give more time to Tom and Chuck from Song of the Week while finally giving the reigns of the Performer of the Month Bloggaday to Jack and Dan. But I’m not entirely sure if I will take that spectator viewpoint with the TAWR.

My first problem is that I plan on starting a new project that lasts a year, and I’m going to attach it to a project that only has a half-year left. My immediate solution was to do TTAW, Two Things a Week. But then would I want to wait until I hit the halfway point, or start it now and just finish it early. But then, I would have to fill 500 words for each set of two songs. It probably wouldn’t be hard, but with more, I can practice economizing my words.

Well, with two out, I thought 5 songs per post, but that will leave me with a couple loose songs at the end. If I used 4 though, I could post one a week for 13 weeks and be fine. I haven’t started writing any of these TAWRs yet, but I’m thinking 4 songs a post sounds good. So hopefully in the next day or two I’ll roll out the first TAWR. Keep tuned to see how it turns out.

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160 July 24

* I didn’t write the footnote when I put an asterisk there, so I’m sue what it was going to be**

** I imagine it was going to be a comment on how non-profound the thoughts really were. I’m sure I would have made it something humorous.

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