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Bloggaday 143 – The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular part 4

Bloggaday 143 – The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular part 4

O’s no’s. You caught up with me. You might have to wait until next Wed-nes-day for fiction content!

On the plus side though, look at that Piccaday picture. Taken from a brand new 17-inch macbook pro. Look at that clarity

Paul scooped down and palmed the stranger on Henric’s back. He yanked him off and sent him headfirst into the wall. A deeply muttled voice came from behind his own growing fangs, “Damn, I missed the stud.”

As the walled man flailed, Paul planted a boot to his exposed should and stepped down, shearing the body from the hole.

Henric continued clawing at the throat of the man he pinned and cleaved handful after handful of skin, muscle, and flesh. He finally wrapped a hand around something in the gore and pulled. A moment passed before a wet snap came from the base of the skull and he pulled free a few vertebrae.

The last berserker lunged for Henric’s neck but got a stiletto heel in the face for his efforts. Sandra rode the man’s face down until she pinned him to the ground. The heel shifted and slid into his eye. As he thrashed against her, Henric grabbed one of the larger fragments of glass and pulled himself back to the man. He rose up and brought it down on the man’s neck, slicing through and cutting deep into his own hands and fingers.

The body fell limp, and Henric rose with a hiss. He whipped his hands, globs of blood flying free from his finger. Taking a step back, he wiped the thick what remained of the thick coating on his pants.

Looking around for more of the men, the four began returning to normal, losing their inhuman features.

Paul vaulted through the window and offered his hands above the remaining shards. “Okay, Honey, give me Steve.”

The woman passed him through the window before jumping through herself. Henric and Sandra followed into the cold crispness of the night and set off after the couple. They followed the blare of a horn to the driveway. A few of the cars had already tried to leave, but more of the enraged men swarmed the mass of twisted metal that filled the driveway’s gate.

Melinda examined the man, setting the back of her hand on his forehead. “He’s not doing too well now, you know. If we don’t get him help soon, it’s not a doctor that he’ll be needing.”

“Well,” Paul started. “Looks like we’re going to have to huff it. I don’t think your BMW is going to do anything with that clusterfu-”

“Language, Honey,” Melinda interrupted. “The hospital is only a few miles away. We’ll be fine.”

The couples raced from the home and dashed for the clogged escape. One of the insane men broke from the cars and rushed the group.

Melinda pounced on the man, nearly severing his head as she drove him into the ground. Once she had him pinned, she finished the job with one last savage strike

One after another, the group cleared the crunched metal blocking their way. The world outside the gates only spiraled downwards from what they had seen inside.

Across the street, a pair of the men sprinted after a group of carolers. One of the men continued the chase, but the other dove into a manger before tearing through the plastic of a half-dozen statues.

With a grunt, Paul cradled Steve with one arm and began hopping on one foot. He clawed at the shoe on his foot before it finally slid free. He took a few quick steps in their direction before flinging the shoe at them. It sailed through the before clipping the man, sending him tumbling to the pavement.

“That won’t kill him,” Henric said with a tapping of his own shoe.

“I know,” Paul said as he returned. “It’ll give those guys a chance to get away though.” As Henric continued to stare at him, he added, “What? I like carolers.”

Melinda patted Paul’s arm and said, “Oh, yeah. Paully here tries to get me to go out with him every year for some caroling.”

Contempt still in her voice, Sandra said, “Werewolves and caroling, why am I not surprised.”

“I was actually quite the enchantress prodigy don’t you know, but once I met Paul here, well you know what they say, once you canine, you’ll be doin’ fine.”

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