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Bloggaday 153 – The Sand Canyon Review 2011 pt1

Bloggaday 153 – The Sand Canyon Review 2011 pt1

So a couple of months ago, I mentioned that I was in Crafton Hills College’s Eng 127 class, which produces the art and literary magazine, The Sand Canyon Review. I think in particular, I wrote about the vote for the cover. Well, work has begun again. While the class doesn’t start until next January, the group leaders (myself being the Publicity Director*) have already gotten together, and we are hard at work to get our 4th edition going.

Being the Publicity Director, I’ve been given the reigns of the websites ( ).

Well, I was given the reigns to the facebook and myspace pages. I created the other ones. Hopefully, I’ll get a Youtube page going too, I just need to clear it first (I haven’t really cleared the photobucket idea yet, but it’ll be fine).

I think that’s going to be my mark on The Sand Canyon Review, going digital that is. For the last edition, I tried to get them to start a podcast, but it didn’t end up happening. Everything was a bit too busy, and they didn’t end up getting a website running either though. I know the Short Story Editor is going to be working on a website mockup, so that should really get things turning on that front. If we get a website going, I don’t think there’ll be much problem getting the support for a podcast. The other groupleaders weren’t opposed to the idea, and a couple were excited about it.

The magazine is already getting submissions from around the country, but if we can generate a very strong internet presence and following, we should be able to get more and even better submissions. A strong internet presence also means a digital audience, which should really push the popularity of the magazine, because at the moment, our distribution is limited to 1,000 copies, and only really in Southern California. If we can frop a PDF of our magazine into an RSS feed though, it kind of opens us up. It’s a really good magazine, and I think it can really go places. I’m just hoping that I can help it get to where it should be.

I think the biggest problem involved with a website and podcast would be the cost. If it ends up that Crafton Hills wont cover the sight, it’ll cost what, $5 a month? That’s 60 bucks a year. We had that much of a surplus last year. Granted, we ended up spending it on shirts a few weeks ago, which we still haven’t gotten. In fact, I’m going to go write a note to the old editor about that. After all, I fronted the money for the shirts and I’m waiting to get reimbursed.

Well, I’ve written a bit more, but this is a good place to cut it off. I’ll post part 2 tomorrow.

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*The snazzy new names were handed out in our first meeting

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