Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bloggaday 151 – Pocket Watches

Bloggaday 151 – Pocket Watches

I tend to be fans of things a little off mainstream. One of these things is the pocket watch. I just think they are kind of cool, and I’m going to start wearing them again.

Now, I’ve had a pocket watch for quite some time, but I tended to carry too many things to also carry a pocket watch. I used to carry a wallet, which I don’t put in my back pocket because I’ve lost a wallet before when I’ve put it back there, so I don’t do that anymore. On top of that, I would carry a cell phone, iPod, cough drops, chapstick, and gum. With all of that, a pocket watch wasn’t really an option.

Now though, I have an iPhone 3gs* so I’m down one electronic device. I’ve also converted to a front pocket wallet, which is much thinner, so I can put it in with the iPhone, and I don’t carry gum anymore. This would free up my other pocket for a watch… Now I just need to find my old watch.

If I really start getting into it, I’ll probably buy a nicer one. I know they have a few at Jcpenny. You know what I want though? A digital, electronic pocket watch, like a digital wristwatch, digital readout, maybe the day/date and temp with barometer or something like that. Basically, a modernized version of the watch with all of the retro stylings. I can’t seem to find one like that though.

Even without wearing a pocket watch, I’ll still kind of go with the look. When I used to wear a vest, I would put my iPod in the vest pocket and have the headphones hang to my pocket like a pocket watch chain.

Well, be prepared for another boring Bloggaday about pocket watches in the near future.

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