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Bloggaday 140 – Post-PWND The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 3

Bloggaday 140 – Post-PWND The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 3

Well, happy 4th of July, folks.

Yeah, I got nothing. Here’s some more fiction. This is part three. You can findpart 1 and 2 here and

After this zombie story, I'm writing a new take on Little Red Riding Hood. I'll be doing in drabble form a la Jake Bible.

Should be good for what I want to do with it. After all, once you feed the wolf, he goes away for whole month*

The man continued to thrash against Henric until the Romanian finally let go. The man only made it a step though before Henric grabbed his head and gave it a jerk. A wet snap preceded the man’s collapse, and Henric dusted his hands. “There we go.”

With a closing step, Paul held his hand up and said, “High five.”

Henric offered an eyebrow, but when the man refused to take his hand back, he surrendered and clapped his hand.

“Ohho,” a voice came from the floor. “I can see my lunch coming out of my intestines! Somebody push it back in. Please!”

Lifting his foot, Paul looked back as blood dripped from his boot. “We should probably call an ambulance for this guy.”

“Don’t worry about it,” seduction came from a pair of clicking high heels. She clapped the phone close and slipped it into a bag before slinging it over her shoulder. “Sounds like they are rather busy though.”

Henric embraced the woman with a kiss to the cheek. “Thank you, dear. Paul,” he started with offering a hand. “This is my wife, Sandra.”

The woman turned back to the man, arms crossing. “He will not survive the wait.”

“Oh well hello there, Sandra. What are we talking about here, eh?” a new woman said, walking from the kitchen. She dusted the last bits of Bugles from her hands as she joined the group.

“Melinda,” Sandra said with a nod to hide the sliver of contempt on her face.

“Sweetypie,” Paul said, taking her into massive arms. “It sounds like we’re gonna have to take this guy to the hospital,” he said with a pointed thumb.

“Oh, Steeeeve,” Melinda said, bending around the other couple to see the disemboweled man. “Alright. It was nice seeing you, Sandra. We’ll take him over to the hospital.”

Putting a hand on Henric’s chest, Sandra said, “We’ll come with you.”

“We will?” Henric repeated. “And why is that?”

“Because Steve is my assistant, and work would be hell without him,” Sandra sighed.

As Paul stooped down and picked up the limp man, he said, “You know what, that’s okay. We’ll actually be quicker if we just take him.” He adjusted his hold, trying to funnel his organs back in. “Honey, can you scoop his… I think that’s his appendix back into his… hole?” he shrugged.

“Sure,” she said, taking a handful.

“We have a BMW 135i. We will be able to get him there rather fast. I’ll go lay down some plastic in the backseat.” Henric said, turning from the group.

Paul and Melinda stared at each other for a moment. Sandra watched them as their bodies twitched and flexed in series, responding to each other.

“Alright, dear,” Melinda said, turning to Sandra. “We’ll take your car.”

Cries of fear and agony rang out through the house.

As Paul’s eyes scanned the walls around them, he said, “I think we should probably hurry.”

The group started, but Henric tumbled through the shattered window with three of the raving men hanging off of him. The man bared his teeth at the trio, the blinding white growing into fangs. He dug his fingers into one of their throats and tore out the flesh, but the rager still bit at Henric.

“Look it there, Honey. They’re vampires,” Paul said, throwing Steve to her. As she caught the bleeding man, he finished, “I kinda figured as much.” The big man’s shirt stretched even tighter around his bulky frame as his shaggy hair began to grow.

One of the strangers grabbed a hold of Henric’s shoulders and went in, jaws gnashing on his own tongue.

Paul scooped down and palmed the stranger on Henric’s back. He yanked him off and sent him headfirst into the wall. A deeply muttled voice came from behind his own growing fangs, “Damn, I missed the stud.”

As the walled man flailed, Paul planted a boot to his exposed should and stepped down, shearing the body from the hole.

Henric continued clawing at the throat of the man he pinned and cleaved handful after handful of skin, muscle, and flesh. He finally wrapped a hand around something in the gore and pulled. A moment passed before wet snap came from the base of the skull and he pulled free a few vertebrae.

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