Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bloggaday 163 – My First Yoga Class

Bloggaday 163 – My First Yoga Class

So I went to my first yoga class Sunday. I have been doing it at home for about a month now, but there is definitely a difference. I think I’ve said before that I’ve been watching a podcast hosted by Tara Styles to get my yoga learnin’. Even though I’ve been happy with the podcast, I’m glad I went to the class.

When I do yoga at home, I typically do like a 20-minute session I think. I don’t usually time how long I do it. After all, seems kinda against the whole point of doing yoga. The class ended up being something like an hour and a half, kind of surprising me how long it was.

I think I did pretty well. I was the first one who got corrected though. I just didn’t have my hands far enough apart. I didn’t make a fool out of myself, and I wasn’t the worst person in the class, so I was happy. Luckily I still have some residual youngin flexibility. I imagine if I was like 40 with my lifestyle, I would have had a lot more problems in the class.

So it was good. We started out really easy. Got a bit harder when we started working with lunges and warrior. I’ve got absolutely no lower body strength, so that was a tough part of the class. I got a little bit of a sweat going. It is kind of amusing though. She would have us in the most uncomfortable positions and someone would have a problem, so she would grab some blocks or try to correct them, but that means everyone is having to hold the position that much longer, which, while good for the conditioning, kind of sucked during the pose.

It was kind of interesting. She (the yoga instructor) had us jump from downward dog like we were going to go into a handstand. Then she asked for volunteers to do it against the wall and actually jump into the handstand. One of the two other guys did it,* but I wasn’t surprised when he was able to do it. Another woman tried and did it, but again, I figured she would be able to do it. The third and last person to try it did it, but I was kind of surprised she did it and so easily. I think I kind of have to nut up and just try it here in the near future.

I will say though, I was a wee bit sore the day after. I probably should have had a snack or some chocolate milk afterwards. When I lifted my arms I could feel it a little bit. My back was also a little sore. It didn’t feel like a post-workout soreness though. It felt more like I overstretched it or pulled it. I’m feeling better today, so it wasn’t anything too serious.

I didn’t do anything last night or this morning because I didn’t want to aggravate my back, but I’m going to start the yoga again tonight, so I’ll definitely incorporate some new stuff in my own homegrown routine, but it definitely won’t be an hour and a half long. Yay for $3 yoga!

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*This guy came in just before me. The yoga instructor asked if he had ever done yoga before (he just kind of walked in when you were supposed to make appointment as it were). I don’t recall if he said yes or no, but he kind of did this weird bragging thing where he said, “I’ve done dance and circus.” It was just kind of weird because he was trying to strike up a conversation, but there was a line behind him.

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