Monday, July 19, 2010

Bloggaday 155 – SotW 8

Bloggaday 155 – SotW 8

Chuck: Hello, folks!

Tom: And believe it or not, we’ve still got a job here at the Song of the Week.

Chuck: Wow, Tom, I think that’s kind of become our unofficial tagline

Tom: Unofficial? They’ve been putting that on my action figure for the last few weeks.

Chuck: What? You got an action figure

Tom: Yeah, and if you pull on my tie, I even say it.

Chuck: Are you kidding me?

Tom: What, you haven’t seen the one they made for you?

Chuck: They made me into a toy? I’ve got to see it!

Tom: Okay go ahead. I’ll let you use my laptop.

Chuck: Thanks.

Tom: Yeah no problem.

Chuck: How do I start it?

Tom: Here, just push this.

Chuck: Okay, thanks.

Tom: And on to the Song of the Week

Watching Airplanes


Gary Allen

Chuck: Oh, hey I like that. With the little dancing thing there.

Tom: Yeah, I thought that was pretty funny too. Anyways… Watching Airplanes is the oldest downloaded song to achieve the honor here on the Bloggaday, got from iTunes in early 2008.*

Chuck: Hey, I googled it, but I’m not seeing anything.

Tom: Just go through the images. It’s the first one on the second or third page.

Chuck: Okay, I’ll find it here in a minutes.

Tom: Well, while “Watching Airplanes” is an old song, it has been constantly ranked as one of the best songs in Bloggaday’s author, David’s iTunes.*

Chuck: I’m not seeing it, Tom.

Tom: Oh, you probably have to take the parental locks off.

Chuck: Okay.

Tom: There are some new songs being downloaded, so next week’s song will definitely be a fresh clip.*

Chuck: Hoho. There’s a picture on the second page here. It’s this guy just goi

Tom: Hey, hey hey.

Chuck: Sorry. But let’s just say it’s two guys for every girl in this one.

Tom: Well, folks. I’d just like to thank you all for dialing into our little segment of the Bloggaday

Chuck: Seriously, you have to see this. It’s really pixilated, but it looks like one of them has a milkman’s hat on. It’s hilarious.

Tom: It sure is. You can catch us every week on Mondays

Chuck: Hey, wait a minute. Is that

Tom: You can also catch PWND, weekly fiction ever Wednesday her on the Bloggaday

Chuck: That’s my wife, and the girl in the middle is you.

Tom: Oops, I messed that photoshop up.

Chuck: Tom, I’m gonna

Tom: From Tom and Chuck, thank you and have a great week. Tune in next week to see if Chuck kills me!

Listening to

Top Shot and Doctor Who

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** AKA tap tap tap

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