Friday, July 2, 2010

Bloggaday 138 – June Performer of the Month Part 2

Bloggaday 138 – June Performer of the Month Part 2

Chuck: Hello, folks, and welcome to the second part of the June Performer of the Month

Tom: I’m sure you folks who read part 1 are surprised that we are still hosting the Performer of the Month.

Chuck: Well, the short of it is somebody broke Dan’s jaw so he couldn’t do the Performer of the Month for June.

Tom: Well, I think owe a thank you to a certain somebody then.

Chuck: I don’t know. I might not have a job for the Song of the Week because of that somebody.

Tom: Wait, what were we talking about.

Chuck: I can’t believe I’m working with somebody.

Tom: I’m still lost, Chuck.

Chuck: I suppose we should just get into he Performer of the Month

Tom: That sounds great, Chuck.

Chuck: Well, first up, we have the iPhone game N.Y. Zombies from Foursaken Media

Tom: Ah, N.Y. Zombies. When I heard it was going to be a Performer of the Month, I decided to try it.

Chuck: So what did you think?

Tom: It was fun. And a lot easier once I finally bought the Molotov cocktails and proximity mines.

Chuck: I have NO idea what you are talking about.

Tom: I think I’m talking about Rock Sugar, our 2nd Performer of the Month ,and the dominant band for the month.

Chuck: You took the words right out of my mouth. Or should I say script…

Tom: Either way.

Chuck: Well, our third Performer of the Month

Tom: Is Jake Bible, author, producer, and reader of the Dead Mech podcast.

Chuck: You son of

Tom: All of that stuff about the script, and here’s your chance. You can take my part.

Chuck: /Sigh Let’s see what we have here. Jake Bible, author of the first ever drabble novel. What the hell is a drabble novel?

Tom: Well, a drabble novel is a series of 100 word sections that come together to create a book.

Chuck: So why did he get the spot for the 3rd Performer of the Month?

Tom: Apparently after quite the hiatus, Bloggaday author, David listened to the last 15 or so episodes of the podcast.

Chuck: So I’m guessing since Jake Bible got the spot as a Performer of the Month, he also got the point for Podcaster of the Year.

Tom: That’s right, Chuck, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We still have crown the Performer of the Month.

Chuck: That’s right. And the soul Performer of the Month is Jake Bible of Dead Mech.

Tom: His taking of the month of June gives him 1 point towards the Podcaster of the Year. That ties him with Mike Schmidt who also has taken 1 month.

Chuck: That’s true, but even though Jake Bible moved to a weekly release schedule, it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to keep his momentum up and beat out the heavy hitters like Scott Sigler, the aforementioned Mike Schmidt, or even Brian Brushwood.

Tom: Well, it will be an interesting race to watch, Chuck.

Chuck: It sure will be, Tom.

Tom: Well that’s all of the time we have for today, folks.

Chuck: Wait, are you doing my outro?

Tom: We already agreed to swap.

Chuck: No, you said I could take your part.

Tom: And I would in turn take your part. Give and take, Chuck. Give and take.

Chuck: You know what I’m tired of your

Tom: And you just got muted.* Thanks, Paul

Paul: No problem.

Tom: Until next time, this has been Chuck and Tom covering this Month’s Performer of the Month. I thank you for choosing us, and I hope you make the same choice evert week for your song info and entertainment. Have a great day everyone.

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