Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bloggaday 149 – A Review of Probably “The Last Airbender” Movie

Bloggaday 149 – A Review of Probably “The Last Airbender” Movie

Alright, so not last week, but the week before, I went and saw The Last Airbender. I’ve got to say though, I was a bit disappointed with it. I’m not sure if Shamalamadingdong ruined the movie of if it was just an impossible feat to achieve.

My hopes were still somewhat high a half-hour into the movie. I figured it had to be a bit of a rush job for the first bit just to get the movie going, but it never seemed to settle down. It was never comfortable in its pace. It’s not like it was that long of a movie. An hour 48, right? I’d rather sit through a comfortable 2 and a half hours rather than a sardine can at 108 minutes. I don’t know, even if they would have given it to someone else, could they have fit all of that into a single movie? It seems like quite the task, though Shamallama did make it look REALLY hard.

I don’t know, M. Night always seemed like an odd choice. Kind of like casting Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel.* I just don’t think I would have made either of those connections.

I don’t think I’ll hold the pacing of the movie against Shaman though. For all I know, that was going to be an inevitable clusterfrack anyways. What I can hold against him is the directing and the writing, and I guess the casting. Now I’m not going to go into the whole racism and white casting.** There’s enough of that going on without me having to add to it. But they just got terrible actors for the roles.

Now I don’t mind a darker version of Airbender, after all, you had to wade through a bit of kidstuff for the cartoon, but there’s a difference between “dark” and “lifeless.” I’ve said a couple times on the Bloggaday that Iroh was my favorite character on Avatar.*** I was rather apprehensive about who they got for him, and sadly, he probably did the best of the entire cast. If the two lines he got the movie were any indication of course. When I saw a commercial for it, it looked like we were going to get full-blown comic relief Sokka, and I kept waiting for that to redeem the movie, but apparently when you play in an overrated vampire movie, you sign a contract where you can’t actually “act” in another movie.

This is falling on the actors and Shamamin because he’s directing the movie. I haven’t seen a lot of these actors before, but I’ve got to imagine given some direction, they could have done better than this. It makes me think it really was Shattahoochee that drove the movie into the ground. I saw it on opening day, and I remember tweeting about Zhao’s news reporting skills, but apparently he’s shown some acting chops in other stuff, so that’s more evidence that Shadowlottacon didn’t take control of his ship.****

It was kind of cool seeing all of the stuff again though. There were also some decent graphics. I have to say though; don’t waste your money on 3d. Where I went it costs another $4, and it just wasn’t worth it. I don’t know if it was a last second thing to make it 3d, but it was just a pillow case of a feature.

Well, I’m at my wordcount. I do want to say that as my title plays at, this will probably be the last Airbender movie, and that’s depressing because it should have had the opportunity to run the full trilogy. Despite all of this, I’m glad I saw the movie. I’m too big of a fan not to, but I just expected a lot more than what I got.*****

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* Come on, with as much as Adrian Brody has been in lately, I would want to see him as Spike. Well, I wanted to see him as Spike like a year ago.

** Which is kind of funny since I haven’t seen any fanart of Shalaharem where the white or peach crayola was used.

*** Ty Lee and Toph rounding out the other two spots of my top 3

**** Sorry, I hit “p” instead of “t” a lot

***** Because you know, expecting a good movie is a lot to ask for.

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