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Bloggaday 162 – SotW 9

Bloggaday 162 – SotW 9

Chuck: Hello, Bloggaday readers and welcome to yet another edition of the Song of the Weekwith my co-chost Tom and myself, Chuck.

Tom: Wow, Chuck, what are we up to now?

Chuck: This is actually the 9th Song of the Week.

Tom: Almost to double-digits, aren’t we, Chuck?

Chuck: Yep, but I hear you have some exciting news about a new segment.

Tom: That I do. This Thursday I’m interviewing Bloggaday Author, David Dysart.

Chuck: It’s not just a regular interview, is it?

Tom: No, it’s actually going to be a new segment called Thing a Week Response.

Chuck: Which is a weekly response to Jonathan Coulton’s Thing a Week, but we should probably get back to the Song of the Week.

Tom: Well, I guess so, but that means more work right now. If we played a clip from the interview, that’s probably a couple hundred words we don’t have to work.

Chuck: Hmm… You know what, if we don’t meet our quota with a stripped down Song of the Week, we’ll drop it in.

Tom: Okay, well this week was quite the turbulent week in the music world.

Chuck: Why’s that?

Tom: Well, for the first half of this week and last half of last week, Dierks Bentley’s eerie hit, “Up on the Ridge” was easily dominating the competition.

Chuck: Well, what came up to knock it off?

Tom: Well, it’s a little something called JoCo’s Thing a Week.

Chuck: Yeah, I guess being flooded with 52 free songs will kind of push off any other “older” music.

Tom: Yeah, it definitely will.

Chuck: Well, what kind of songs were looking to throw Dierks off the weekly throne?

Tom: Well, to take a quick peek at the interview, David mentioned that we’re looking at songs like ““You Could be Her,” “Chiron Beta Prime,” “Creepy Doll,” and “Big Bad World One.””

Chuck: You had to do it, didn’t you?

Tom: What?

Chuck: I didn’t want to play a damned clip on the Song of the Week. This should be new content every week. Is it that hard for you to pick up your share of 500 words?

Tom: Jeeze, Chuck, what the hell?

Chuck: I’m sorry, I’ve just been under a lot of stress lately.

Tom: Hey, it’s okay. Do you want to get a beer after this?

Chuck: You know what? I think I do.

Tom: Well, let’s get the SotW done.

Chuck: Alright. Well, who’s getting this week’s honors

Tom: It’s actually

“Up on the Ridge”


Dierks Bentley

Chuck: I guess Thing a Week couldn’t muscle out the competition fast enough, huh, Tom?

Tom: I kind of suppose so.

Chuck: …

Tom: So I guess that kind of wraps up another SotW.

Chuck: Yes. Thank you Bloggaday readers for reading another Song of the Week with Tom and Chuck. Please tune next week for the 10th edition.

Tom: Thank you everyone.

Chuck: So did you have a place in mind?

Tom: For what?

Chuck: To get a drink.

Tom: Oh, I don’t know. There’s a place over by State St.

Chuck: That sounds good.

Tom: Okay, let me know how you like it.

Chuck: Wait, aren’t WE going to go get a drink?

Tom: ?

Chuck: Together?

Tom: Ohoho. You couldn’t pay me enough, Chuck. I just thought getting plowed off your ass would help make you… not so whiney.

Chuck: You know what, Tom?

Tom: What’s that, Chuck?

Chuck: You can just go fu*

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American Pickers

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162 July 26, 2010

*My dad told me I had to put in here that I lost a game of chess to him. I forgot what Chuck was going to say though**

** “fuel your motorcycle,” “fudge a pan of brownies,” “fumigate your house,” “fund a government-mandated program,” “fuse some Saiyans together,” “foretell the future,” ???

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