Monday, July 5, 2010

Bloggaday 141 – SotW 6

Bloggaday 141 – SotW 6

Tom: I don’t know, that’s just my opnion.

Chuck: Oh, Hello, Bloggaday readers, and welcome to the 6th edition of the Song of the Week.

Tom: Yes folks, we still have our jobs after the fiasco of and

Chuck: Wow, Tom, that’s the longest line you’ve ever had here on the Bloggaday.

Tom: I know, it was quite the mouthful.

Chuck: Yeah, you probably should have converted those to tiny urls.

Tom: Yeah, but then we don’t get the clear Bloggaday advertisement.

Chuck: That’s true, we could convert to a tiny url, but people can remember daviddysart easier than some series of numbers and letters.

Tom: I don’t know Chuck, Dysart is quite the convoluted last name.

Chuck: That is true, Tom, but maybe we should get to the Song of the Week.

Tom: Sounds good, Chuck…

Chuck: Haha. Alright, and this week’s song is

Break Me Out


The Rescues

Tom: Wow, Chuck. Wasn’t that just the iTunes free song of the week.

Chuck: Yes it was, and it’s already getting this kind of recognition.

Tom: Amazing, simply amazing.

Chuck: Yes it is, Tom.

Tom: From what I’ve gathered from my sources though, it’s a song that kind of sounds like another, so it has that built-in report.

Chuck: Nothing like having that a leg-up on the competition.

Tom: Well, I would call it cheating, but maybe we just have different points of view.

Chuck: How is it… Ugh. Well, have your sources figured out any leads about next week’s Song of the Week?

Tom: No, next week’s SotW is pretty much a clean sheet. It’s anyone’s game.

Chuck: Well, I look forward to seeing how the stage progresses this week.

Tom: Really? Doesn’t seem too interesting.

Chuck: Doesn’t your love of music drive you for the Song of the Week?

Tom: Actually, Chuck, I’m not really a big fan of music. This is just the only gig I could land. That’s why I was kind of hoping I could get the Performer of the Month spot.

Chuck: Don’t you mean, we?

Tom: Not really…

Chuck: Alright, folks. Thank you for again choosing the Bloggaday and Song of the Week for your music news and entertainment. Please join us again next Monday and be sure to follow the current story on the Bloggaday at these links * * *

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