Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bloggaday 200 – A New Bloggaday

Bloggaday 200 – A New Bloggaday

Wow. 200. The Bloggaday is 200 episodes olds. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Now, this isn’t going to be some glitzy and glamorous post, but I will be changing the format of the Boggaday, so I thought I would use this special Bloggaday to talk about it.

Last month, I went out of town, and I ended up taking a week off of the Bloggaday, so for the month of August, I was a week behind in my posts. Luckily, I finally got caught up last week. I must say though, it was rather convenient being a week behind

Since I was up-to-date with taking my Piccaday each day, I could upload 7 pictures to photobucket, “share” them with my Piccaday blogspot, and be done with them. It’s quite the time saver. I barely skimmed the process, but know that the picture portion of the Bloggaday is the most time-consuming and convoluted process aside from the actual writing each day.

Even before I fell a week behind, I’ve thought about changing the format of the Bloggaday. I figured I could get a week ahead of myself and post them the coming week’s Bloggaday all at once. The biggest problem with that though is the fact that I could post the piccaday inside the Bloggaday towards the end of the post, and I rather like the structure I have for my daily posts. So if I wanted to keep it, I would have go back through them at the end of the week and edit each post on facebook and blogspot.

The way around all of this is to just post the Bloggadays from the LAST week on one day. The problem with that is the fact that I’m not responsible on a daily basis for getting the Bloggaday written. I’d hate to get a week behind because for 7 days I kept telling myself, “Oh, I can just write an extra post tomorrow.” I’ve never written 7 posts in a day, but it wouldn’t shock if I’ll have to in the near future with this schedule.

A once-a-week realease schedule would save me time though, so I’m going to at least try it. I’ll probably do the postings on Sunday though, so I’ll keep posting once a day like I have been for the past 200 until then, so there won’t be any SotW until next week, which is a shame since the Song of the Week is going to get buried deep in the stack of 7 posts. It think it would be top post if I did it on Monday, but that’s probably going to be among my busiest days when school starts back upso I just don’t know if I’ll have the time on Mondays to do a week’s worth of posts. I guess we’ll find out what happens. I definitely look forward to a weekly release schedule.

In addition to this new schedule, it’ll allow for me to do something I came up with when I did the 8 posts to catch up. On the eighth post ( I ended the post with a little teaser

“My Final Thought tonight is a commentary on Twitter

I’m guessing that by putting “Behind the Scenes” in

The last twitter post I did, I’ll be followed by some

Twit that tweets about movies who wants ME to

Follow him back. More on future Bloggadays”

I guess when I say “I came up with” I meant I shamelessly stole when I saw Springer revive it on the Hoff roast. When I know what the next post will be, I can put a little thing on the post before to tease it. I really like the idea, and I’ll definitely be doing it for future posts.

Unfortunately, I have done the twitter Bloggaday yet because the day after this, I had to do the weekly scheduled SotW, then I monthly Bloggaday, then weekly fiction, and then this. I’ll get to it though.

Well, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for the new Bloggaday and part 13 of my Wednesday fiction, The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular. As I said yesterday, the stank is about to hit the fan*

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200 September 2

* And it has nothing to do with zombies. I’m talking a throw down between a vampire and a werewolf who have been infected** with the zombie virus

** Or should I say reinfected?***

*** Muahahahahaha****

**** It’s good to be the author

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