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Bloggaday 199 – The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 12

Bloggaday 199 – The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 12

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As the group started down the connecting hall, Henric collapsed against the wall. Sandra instantly grabbed for him with a shrieking, “Henric!”

She helped him back to his feet. Breathless, he held up a string attached to a laminated card, “PRESS” boldly printed above a picture of a young man. He offered a meek smile and said, “I knew no scientist would break protocol with such ramifications.” The smile vanished as his feet gave out again, falling into Sandra this time.

“What’s wrong?” Melinda pleaded for an answer.

“I’ll be fine,” he said, offering a hand to settle her down. “You mentioned an elevator earlier. Is there any chance we can take it?” Henric asked.

“Sure,” Paul said. He took his other arm and led them back to the original hallway. “It’s just at the end here. Are you sure you’re going to be okay? Melinda and I can take care of this while you and Sandra go back up.”

“Yes, an elevator would grant me a moment to regain my composure though.” He ended with an attempted smile, still resting on Sandra.

As they continued through the paleness, Melinda commented, “Wow, you must have received quite the paycheck from this one, Honey.”

“Yeah, you remember the trip to Greece, don’t you?”

“Oh, really? Just from this job?”


Sandra interrupted the conversation and said, “I hope it was worth an apocalypse.”

“Oh yeah. That was definitely worth the NEAR-zombie apocalypse. It was gorgeous over there.”

The four turned to the last connector and Paul waved Melinda closer. “Here, can you take him?”

Melinda started over, but Henric waved her off. “I will be fine.”

Paul let him go, gently at first, before moving towards a seamless wall. He stopped for a small panel and bent slightly to look into it.

A mechanical voice came from the console, “Retina scan complete. Welcome, Paul.”

The wall came apart and revealed an elevator.

Melinda peaked her head in and mocked an echo, “HELLO, HELlo, Hello, hellooo.”

“Ha,” Henric offered meekly.

“Yeah,” Paul said. “Scientists are lazy and if they don’t have to carry something down a flight of stairs, they won’t.”

The four walked through the doors side by side with enough space for a couple more people. The inside dimensions bulged further from the doorway to easily accommodate the group.

Paul pressed a polished steel button absent of a symbol as Sandra rested Henric against the back of the elevator. “What’s wrong, Henric?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” he reassured her.

“No, you’re not,” she pressed.

He rested his head against the wall and continued, “I just cut my hand back at the house.”

“But why are you having so much trouble?” Sandra asked.

“You haven’t stopped bleeding, have you?” Paul added.

The woman looked to him, arms folded in the corner. “How do you know?” Sandra asked.”

“So that’s what that smell’s been?” Melina said with a puzzled relief.

Sandra worked Henric’s glove off a limp hand. As soon as it came free, blood poured from it and covered him in his own blood in a splatter. She gave Henric a few taps to the cheek until he came back to the group. She peeled the hair back from her neck and said, “Here, you need blood.”

“I can’t,” Henric moaned away from her.

Paul pushed himself from the elevator wall at the same time and started, “I don’t think that that’s a good idea.”

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