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Bloggaday 215 –A Train of Thought: Now Departing From Covert Affairs to Farmed Gold pt 2

Bloggaday 215 –A Train of Thought: Now Departing From Covert Affairs to Farmed Gold pt 2

Alright, we’re about to get into the meat of the “meh” rule as described in yesterday’s Bloggaday.

The actress with the 4th most appearances (33 episodes) on Two and a Half Men is…

Jennifer Taylor as Chelsea

For Bloggaday 215

I don’t know who she knows, but something’s going on with somebody. She’s been like four or five characters on the show, including the pilot, and she doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

Anyways, she’s reasonably cute and has a good body, so the “meh” kind of applies to her. I just hate her character, so my opinion might be skewed.

With the fifth most appearances, the actress who’s been in 15 episodes is…

April Bowlby as Kandi.

For Bloggaday 215

I think she’s one of the best examples of the “meh” rule. She has an absolutely ridiculous body, but the face is meh. I am surprised she’ only been in 15 episodes though.

With 11 episodes, our sixth more common female face on the show doesn’t really fall into the “meh” rule. She is of course…

Jane Lynch as Dr. Linda Freeman

For Bloggaday 215

As I said, I wasn’t thinking, “Hey, that psychiatrist on the show really exemplifies the “meh” rule,” when I was thinking about it.

With 10 episodes, I circle back to our trusted CIA reporter at woman number seven…

Emmanuelle Vauger as Mia

Another good example of one of the main ladies having a killer body with a shruggable face. Though, I will, say, her 1-10 has gone up quite a bit as I’ve seen her more. Something just seemed kind of off, especially at first.

For Bloggaday 215

At 8 episodes, our next lass is another exception of the “meh” rule. Number eight is…

Kelly Stables as Melissa

For Bloggaday 215

When I was going through the list, I thought IMDB was telling Stacy Keibler had been in 8 episodes.

For Bloggaday 215

Luckily, I restrained myself from jumping up and grabbing the DVD’s long enough to click her link. She is, of course, Allen’s assistant that dates both brothers. She’s too cute to fall into the “meh” rule though.

I’m already at lady number nine, and I’ve only gone through one or two women of the original four that I classified under the “meh” rule when I drive-byed the thought. Well, at 5 episode, our next woman is…

Ming-Na as Linda Harris

For Bloggaday 215

Umm… She is a bit older than your average Two and a Half Men actress, but she’s cute and escapes unscathed by the “meh” rule.

Well, I’m pretty much done with this Bloggaday. As I said, I’m not really getting to the actresses I wanted to when I had the initial thought yesterday, so I’ll wrap up this Two and a Half Men edition of show and tell with a hand-picked selection of actresses. Luckily, since I’m posting these all on one day, you don’t have to wait as long as I do for the next post!*

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