Friday, September 3, 2010

Bloggaday 201 – Twits Following Twits

Bloggaday 201 – Twits Following Twits

And so it was. Social media fell upon the uses of self-advertisement and promotion.

So it’s not terribly uncommon to get twitterers who follow you for the sole reason of getting followed back. I’m not saying they shouldn’t do that. Obviously it works for them. I’m just not a fan myself.

Now, I do fair amount of advertisement on twitter for the Bloggaday. I post a tweet with a url everyday when I release a post, but I’ve never went out and followed someone just to try to get them to follow me back. I enjoy my daily twitter stream read too much for all of that now. I have my 23 people I follow and only half a dozen or so tweets regularly, so it’s pretty manageable, and I enjoy them.

I’ve got my sciency/geeky coming from and, the latter of which I picked up when he did something with @swhood and have debated unfollowing a couple of times, but I’m glad I haven’t.

Speaking of swhood, I follow and from the revision 3. I don’t think anything really gets posted on Scam School’s feed that doesn’t also get mentions of shood’s, so if it becomes too active, I’ll probably drop it. At the moment though, it only has 4 posts in the last month, so it’s not inconvenient.

As far as authors go, I’ve followed for a long time, and if I hadn’t how would I ever know he got a tat? Still thought, a god follow for someone using social media and authoring. I’ve also got followed. He seems to retweet a bit too much, but still a good follow if you like him.* also has some pretty good tweets, but he hasn’t been very active lately.

Comedians round out the rest of the regular tweeters, the first be** I’m not familiar with his work off of twitter, but he’s got a solid feed, so I would recommend him. The last person I’m going to mention is podcaster and comedian Doesn’t tweet too much, but he’s hilarious on the podcast, and he does post occasionally.

It used to be that every day, I would have a page to go through. Now though, it’s usually a little more. Not too bad though.

I think that that’s all I’ll post here. I follow a couple others, but they don’t update much. I guess I should mention, Crafton Hill’s art and literary magazine. I think it’ll be me doing most of the tweets, but we should be getting content lined up to post blogs and videos every week, so it should be a good follow in the future, especially if you’re interested in art, literature, or magazine production.

For my final thought this Bloggaday, I must say,

all of this talk about my following preferences,

reminds me of a couple days ago on facebook

when I looked at my “like” box and thought,

“That can’t be right.” But more to say later.

Next time and Bloggaday, so stay tuned.

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201 September 3, 2010

* Or I guess hate him for his “concept to contract in a year.”

** Not to be confused with the singing banana

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