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Bloggaday 208 – A Caption Narrative: Katana 4 pt 2

Bloggaday 208 – A Caption Narrative: Katana 4 pt 2

So, if you want to follow along my journey of my 4th katana, read on. The pictures can be found at either Facebook

Or Photobucket

Looks heavy, don't it, like it need a top hat? haha, Mike Schmidt, 40 year old boy podcast reference

Putting primer on the sword

Spray-painted the blade metallic silver and tapes the tsuba to prevent it from being colored

Reverse from the previous picture to paint the tsuba an antiqued bronze

I got the design from the website at

php?t=86769 . The pdf is at the bottom.

A simple print job for a katana stand called a kake

Kake drawn out on the board. From Victor Ioncu of


Kake WIP jig sawed out

Looking better but many coasts to go

Sanding down the kake

dohicky gets use on the kake

I thought it resembled road rash, and I still haven't gotten it off of my fingernail yet. Granted, there's about 12 coats on there though

This is about 15 minutes after I broke the blade off trying to get the handle off. Luckily, The habaki was still in tact, so the handle can stay in the sheath

The kaka is built to hold the sword on one level and the sheath on the other. Since I don't plan on showcasing the broken blade, I suppose I need to made another sword ^.^

This is about 15 minutes after I broke the blade off trying to get the handle off.

The reason why I was trying to take the handle off is because it wouldn't slide all the way in. Took me all of three seconds to work something all. Unfortunately, I never put 3 seconds of thought in BEFORE I broke the blade

So the plan was just putting some cardboard where the handle is missing. once I wrap it, you won't even notice it.

3 pieces of cardboard glued together worked nicely

The pieces glued together to fix my handle

These pieces aren't as wide. 12 pieces in all

The cardboard had some give, so it worked beautifully. I just had to add an extra layer of wrap to the top so it didn't show. I'll get a picture up eventually.

For the tsukamaki (handle wrap) and sheath knot, I used a simple polyester ribbon available at craft stores. It worked beautifully for the handle. It's a bit too wide and not thick enough to replace the sageo that is usually used for the sheath knot though. I think it still looks good though. You just can't tighten it too much.

The final product with the kake on my desk. Like I said, I'm not going to keep the broken blade on it, so I have to make myself a new. Aw, shucks.

Handle wrap for my katana. I used a simple polyester ribbon from Michaels, but it was too thick for the width of my handle. Woops.

Message me, and I can walk you through buying and using it though.

Another Final Thought,

And all I can do is reference

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