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Bloggaday 220 – The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 15

Bloggaday 220 – The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 15

I have here 500 words EXACTLY of 100% fresh fiction content.

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The man jumped from the floor and charged through the light.

Paul stepped in with a swing, but after the man had covered half the distance, he sped up, inhumanly fast. Faster than the zombies, faster than even Henric, the man closed in and tackled Paul into the wall, the doors buckling in their frame.

As the air escaped Paul’s chest, he slid to the floor. As the darkness reeled in his head, a voice came, “We shall see.”

A pair of hands lifted him from his haunches. He lashed out, his nails digging into flesh, but his shoulder began to burn. He bit out and caught the man’s neck, but the sharpness never left his shoulder.

As the two wrestled, a screech penetrated the shambles that remained of the door. The screech gave way to groans of metal as light began to litter the room. A moment later, the tangled mass of the two was driven to the ground, but Paul found himself swinging around and hurled from the room.

Paul sat in the fluorescence as screams and ungodly noises blurred together in the darkness. He spun to his good arm and heaved himself to his feet. As he stumbled down the hall, he covered his shoulder with his hand only to bring back a blood-soaked mess. He noticed the broken finger under the thick crimson coating and stopped against the wall. He braced it between his thumb and another finger before he snapped it straight.

The quick shot of pain distracted him from the familiar sickly feeling that was quickly invading and flooding every neuron, cell, and drop of his body. He worked his way down the hall, leaning against the wall until he finally made it to the main hallway.

After a cursory glance in both directions, he shuffled off to his right and aimed for the bulkhead as he slipped from the burning light and closed his eyes. Miles later, he finally felt the metal and fell into it. His body convulsed against his attempt to stand, but he managed to send the wheel spinning. The door gave a bang and creaked open. Despite the brightness of the fluorescence, darkness began to take Paul.

A screeching clawed through the hall and brought Paul’s consciousness from the brink. He stared down the whiteness, any kind of orientation lost to him. Another sound came and added to his realization. He spun past the cold metal and through the opening. After swinging the door closed, he pulled himself up with it.

Finally on a stable foot, he chucked the wheel into a spin. He pushed free from the support and stumbled back through the hall. His body seized again, and he thrashed against the wall. He slid along the wall until he went face first into the glass.

Bottom lip dragging behind, Paul’s face retreated from the glass as he lifted his body up. He crashed against it again, fist first this time. The glass rattled in its frame, but it refused to break. He pulled back and crashed against the glass again. This time, he went through the glass and wrapped himself around the frame.

A blaring rang through the hall and rattled in Paul’s head. Despite its noise, it couldn’t keep Paul’s eyes open. It couldn’t keep him from losing his consciousness.

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