Monday, September 13, 2010

Bloggaday 210 – 21-Year-Old Manga Love Affair pt 2

Bloggaday 210 – 21-Year-Old Manga Love Affair pt 2

I suppose I could start with a little more background info on my history with Naruto. I used to watch it. Then I didn’t. Then I did. I think I stopped again, so now I’m watching it again. Well, technically, I’m currently watching Cartoon Network’s Shippuden.

Unfortunately, my hot and cold relationship with Naruto has left me broad swaths of the Naruto storyline I don’t know. I don’t think I really saw anything past the first half or so of the chunin exams.

Since I had a bunch of the manga already, I figured it would be a good way to catch up on the stuff I missed and go back through the stuff I saw years ago.

So far, I’m happy I did. I ended up going through the first 2 volumes in two days, skipped a couple of days, and now I’m up to the end of volume 5. I didn’t have volume 6, so when I had to go pick up stuff for Craftspicable Me, I got volumes 6, 8, 9, 10, and 11 I think, but BAH! That stuff is expensive. Can I burn it, melt it down, and shoot it up afterwards? I’ve come to the conclusion that ramen is a food choice due to the financial hardships of manga habits rather than one of taste or cultural fanhood.

I’m glad that I started reading them though. I’ve enjoyed going back through the story. They seem to go through the storylines much faster than the anime though. I’m already past the first test of the chunin exams.

I can’t imagine it’ll take me THAT long to catch up to Shipoden, so I guess the next question is will I continue past the show? Probably since I’m impatient like that. But I suppose the REAL question is will I still be reading them for that long.

For as long as I end up reading it though, I suppose I’ll have an appropriate bookmark ->

Yeah, I’m not even segueing anymore. I’ve run out of any writing skill. So… how about that Zabuza and Haku part? Good stuff right there.

Bloggaday 210

Geeze, I didn’t think the segue fail was that bad. How about… Wow, this suck. I stopped down and figured I would just come back, but I have absolutely no idea what I was going to talk about… Onto another topic without a proper segue.

Bloggaday 210

Ah geeze! I read the whole dang thing right -> left, and NOW they tell me that I read the whole freaking thing wrong. Come on!

Bloggaday 210

Oh, okay… Nevermind then…

A little update I suppose. Naruto makes for good drivin’ material. I knocked out another 2 volumes, and that’s only because that’s all I brought with me. I also pulled up like 15 or 20 youtube videos for the ride as well.*

Another week gone,

Another 2-parter to end it.

I have no foreshadowing for ya,

But tomorrow’s an SotW, 16 this time,

And it’s been the worst SotW since last week’s

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