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Bloggaday 219 – Carl’s Jr. and the Communist Party pt 1

Bloggaday 219 – Carl’s Jr. and the Communist Party pt 1

for Bloggaday 219

Oh man, I laughed when I first saw this. Not only did I laugh, but I lol’ed. I thought it was a joke at first. No B.S. If I had taken a closer look at it, I would have dismissed it as just that, a joke.

Let’s take a look at that picture…

for Bloggaday 219

Oh, sorry, I posted the star, sickle, and hammer of the communist party… Whoops. I’m not the only one who sees it thought, am I? I know I’ve been proclaiming Carl’s Jr. evilness for years,* but there’s something there’s something there, fight?

But since I’m obviously not going to be an objective voice on this matter, I’m going to throw you into a little something already in progress….

Prosecutor: Your Honor, I must point a few things out…

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Your Honor, the prosecutor is known to go on these tangents that are irrelevant to the case…

Your Honor: Mr. Schmidt, I am aware of BOTH of your styles, but I’m also in charge of this courtroom. I will determine if this tangent is relevant to the case. Believe it or not, I don’t really don’t need your help.

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: I apologize, Your Honor. I’m just very passionate about this case.

Prosecutor: Yes, well, if I’m allowed to continue… In exhibit A, we have a picture of the German Communist Party

For Bloggaday 219

My expert witness, Mr. Claus Bauer, can explain some of the features of the flag.

Bauer: Vell, prominent in the lower left hand corner, we see the DKP, which is German, Deutsche Kommunistische Partei, for German Communist Party.

Prosecutor: Ah, so the DKP has always been Germany’s Communist party?

Bauer: Actually, no. Ven the Communist Party of Germany, the KPD, was banned by the Federal Constitutional Court, the DKP was formed in 1968.

Prosecutor: Oh, okay. Was the DKP a mainstream party or a hardcore Communist group of extremists?

Bauer: Vell… the party remained on the fringe of the political scene, rarely receiving more than a half a percent of the vote.

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Except in the 70’s when their popularity rose to as high as 3%. Your Honor, I have been following along with Mr. Bauer on Wikipedia. I question his mastery over German history.

Your Honor: Just because Wikipedia managed to get something right, that doesn’t mean that an expert witness isn’t an expert. Unless you have a substantial claim against his credentials, I’ll expect no more from you on the subject, Counselor.

Prosecutor: Very good. Can you describe some more prominent features of the flag for the courtroom?

Baurer: As you can see, the two colors of the flag vould be red and yellow.

Prosecutor: And the reason for this?

Bauer: Red and Yellow are the colors of the Communist party. They can be seen on the flags of several countries such as China, North Vietnam, and even the Soviet Union.

From my estimates, that’s 500 words, and it seems like a good place to stop for now.

Wednesday is PWND, Thursday is a time-sensitive Bloggaday I’ve already written, and I might write some stuff about school, but don’t worry, I will finish this as well as the Train of thought Bloggadays that are already on part 4. I just really wanted to get this started, and I didn’t know it would stretch this long.

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* Carl’s Jr. has become something of a running joke, always centering around them being evil.

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