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Bloggaday 222 – Carl’s Jr. and the Communist Party pt 2

Bloggaday 222 – Carl’s Jr. and the Communist Party pt 2

Part 1 -

Prosecutor: I see. I would also like to show Exhibit B, a recent ad Carl’s Jr. has been posting on Facebook.

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Prosecutor: For everyone’s benefit, can you please describe the color scheme of the ad?

Baurer: It appears to be a red flag.

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Objection, Your Honor. Just because the background is red, that hardly means it is a red flag.

Your Honor: Overruled. The expert witness is here to offer his interpretation. Go on, Mr. Bauer.

Bauer: Thank you, Your Honor. On the red flag is a yellow star as vell as some sort of vite marking.

Prosecutor: Thank you. So in your words then, these two images share the same colors?

Bauer: Yes. Both of them focus on yellow and red.

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Objection! Red and yellow are used by several fast food chains to attract customers. Is each one of them communist?

Your Honor: Overruled. This is a subject for you to explore when it’s your witness. For now, please allow others to have their time.

Prosecutor: Thank you, Your Honor. I appreciate it.

Your Honor: I’m running a court. I’m not doing you favors.

Prosecutor: Of course, Your Honor. Now, Mr. Bauer. Aside from the color, what other shared symbolism strikes you?

Bauer: As you can see, in the upper right-hand corner, you can see more common Communist symbolism…

Prosecutor: Your Honor, I present to you Exhibit C. I have taken the liberty, yes, liberty, to magnify the aspect of the flag that my expert witness is talking about.

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Prosecutor: Could you please describe what you see?

Bauer: Certainly. Banned in certain European countries, the hammer and sickle vas first used in the Bolshevik Revolution. It stands for the unity of industrial and agricultural vorkers.

Prosecutor: Is it commonly used with the Communist party?

Bauer: As far as I know, exclusively.

Prosecutor: Aside from the hammer and sickle, what do you see?

Bauer: There is also a prominent star placed to the left and slightly above the hammer and sickle.

Prosecutor: And the history of this?

Bauer: It is also a socialistic and communistic symbol. It is often said that each point of the star represents a finger of the “vorker,” vile others see it as the military might vhereas the hammer and the sickle are the peaceful symbolism of the proletariat.

Prosecutor: And it’s legal status?

Bauer: The same as the hammer and sickle. Certain countries have banned it due to Soviet occupation.

Prosecutor: Very good. Now, if I could reintroduce Exhibit B, the ad placed on Facebook by the defendant’s company…

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Prosecutor: On the previous flag, there was a star that we talked about. Do you see anything like that here?

Bauer: There is a yellow star that has been stylized, yes.

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Objection. The prosecutor is tilting at windmills. The yellow star has been the logo of Carl’s Jr. since its opening in 1956!

Your Honor: Sustained. You connection seems strained at best.

Prosecutor: I apologize, Your Honor. I’m making multiple strings that attach the Communist party with Carl’s Jr. to show irrefutably that there is, in fact, a connection.

Your Honor: Then get on with it.

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