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Bloggaday 211 – SotW 16

Bloggaday 211 – SotW 16

Something 2 Ride 2, Time’s On My Side, The Worst Day Since Yesterday

Well, Beastie Boys

Chuck: Hello yet again, Bloggaday Readers.

Tom: As always, I am Tom, and I’m joined with my subordinate co-host, Chuck.

Chuck: …

Tom: I kid because I love…

Chuck: Thanks TO

Tom: Your wife…

Chuck: …

Tom: Awkwaaarrrrddddd…

Chuck: Do you have any news about this week’s song?

Tom: It’s actually been a pretty tumultuous week for the Bloggaday music world

Chuck: Really, how so?

Tom: Wow, that was bad. Can we do that over, Paul?

Paul: It’s not like I’m going to say no, Tom.

Chuck: It’ll be fine. It’s all text.

Tom: What’s happened to you? I’m usually the slacker.

Chuck: It’s just that my wife and I are taking a break.

Tom: Oh, I’m sorry, Chuck. Hey, do you have her number?

Chuck: Sorry, Tom. I’m not really up for the “banging my wife jokes” right now.

Tom: It’s not a joke. If I sleep with her, then when you guys get back together, you can hold it over her head. Guilt No Justsu, FRIENDS style FTW!

Chuck: You watch friends?

Tom: No, but it makes for good pillow talk with your wife

Chuck: Heh.

Tom: See, a good “banging your wife joke” is exactly what you needed, slugger.

Chuck: Yeah, I guess.

Tom: I’m sure getting back to the SotW would help get your mind off of it.

Chuck: Yeah, you said there some competition or something, right?

Tom: Well, no song really stepped up, but 3 songs got a bit of play, “Something 2 Ride 2,” “Time’s On My Side,” and “The Worst Day Since Yesterday.”

Chuck: Hmm, quite the trio of opposites…

Tom: Yeah. “The Worst Day Since Yesterday” is Flogging Molly and came from a mix CD. “Time’s On My Side” can trace its Davidian roots to the cult hit, Fallen. It owes it’s current SotW status when an old Rolling Stones got burned last week.

Chuck: And “Something 2 Ride 2?” Bloggaday Author, David Dysart, seems far too white for that song, even if it was a free download on iTunes.

Tom: Ah, that is true, but Royce found a good beat, and when you consider how songs like “Paul Revere,” “The Message,” and even a few from Ice Cube and Ice T have permeated the Bloggaday Zeitgeist, then that means rap isn’t strictly off-limits for the SotW.

Chuck: Alright, we’re arriving to 500 pretty quickly, so which of the three is going to get the honors this week?

Tom: Well, this week’s song is…

Paul: dudududududuudududududu

Tom: “Time Is On My Side”


The Rolling Stones

Chuck: Well, another week done here at Song of the Week.

Tom: Yep. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Chuck: You know what? It does. Any news for next week?

Tom: Actually yeah. It’s been a while since you’ve asked.

Chuck: So...

Tom: Oh, well, since Beastie Boys just got a 5-song beachhead on the official Bloggaday iTunes, I would have to guess they’ll pull out the next SotW.

Chuck: Sounds good, Tom. From both of us here at the Song of the Week, have a great day, Bloggaday Reader.

Tom: Until next week.

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