Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bloggaday 221 – 3 Events and a Minor Family Reunion.

Bloggaday 221 – 3 Events and a Minor Family Reunion.


So last weekend, I had three things I wanted to go to. I ended up going to zero of them.






Ain’t Nothin

No how

The first thing was Friday. I haven’t posted about my second yoga class/session/whatever-you-call-it, but the same website I found that on, I found another group called Riverside Kitten Killerz Anime Group. I’ll give you hint though; two out of the 3 main aspects of that name are false.

The group neither meets in Riverside, nor do they talk about anime… Actually, if I remember right, they said they do talk about anime. It’s not really a “group” though. I think they described themselves as more cultish… I kid. They don’t kill kittens. I’m not entirely sure the inspiration of the name, but it is an anime* group. Unfortunately, instead of Riverside, which would be like a 20 minute drive, it actually meets at a mysterious Starbucks in Corona, and that either makes like twice as far, or I’ll have to hitch a ride to Caprica. Unfortunately, I may have burned my Cylon bridge in

For Bloggaday 216

Hmm, I just don’t know if I can justify a 40 minute drive not knowing any of them, and if all they’re going to do is go see a movie or something, then I think I would be a bit disappointed. If they do something a bit closer or I get a better understanding of what happens/how long they last, I’ll probably make it out to one of their groups, but until then, meh.

And I was geared up to go, I just talked myself out of it Friday.

Then, on Sunday, I had a Psych group meeting. I missed the last two; so I figured I should probably actually go to this one. Some of my family on my on my Dad’s side** came over. Oh, so much food… Oh, the food. There was only going to be like three or so more people coming, but it ended up being a few than that, and there was still way to much food… and there were plans for guacamole and taquitos which never happened… and there was still way too much food… But now I have a bunch of left over taco meat, so I’m happy… And there was still way too much food…

It kept looking like things were going to fizzle out in time, but it kind of lingered with the last couple of folks, so I didn’t end up making. The nice thing is though, we got rid of the loveseat and TV we weren’t using, so that was good… and we still had way too much food…

So, anyways, that’s that for the second event, but it would appear that I’m out of words, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow*** to get into that. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to sugarcoat it…**** even though there was still way too much food…

More of the Communist trail is coming.

Which communist trial, you ask?

The one where Carl’s Jr.

Is the defendant!!

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They might not have been weddings or a funeral, but I did miss three events and made a minor family reunion

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** Who I don’t see that much

*** Tomorrow for me, but it could be anywhere 2 minutes and never for the fine Bloggaday Reader.

**** It’s actually a relatively amusing foreshadowing…

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