Monday, September 13, 2010

Bloggaday 205 – Craftspicable Me: Blisters

Bloggaday 205 – Craftspicable Me: Blisters

Apparently, I have no common sense. I hit a hot glue gun earlier tonight, knocking it off the desk while I was working on this ->

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Unfortunately, I didn’t JUST knock it over. I forearmed the leaky nozzle which covered my hair-strewn arm with a glob of glue. I had to pick it up and make sure I didn’t do that again, but then I had to finish doing what I was doing. This meant that the glue dried before I could get it off.

I start peeling it off and with about a quarter of it left, I decided to run it under some water to make it easier. So I finally get it off. The area is a bit red, but meh. I looked a few minutes later and it had started to blister.

Now, I’m not really the kind to get blisters or cut or anything like that. I didn’t usually play on the monkey bars enough to get blisters, and even though I walked until I got a bloody sock when we all went up to Kmart, I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten blisters from walking. I do tend to touch the glue when I’m working with a hot glue gun,* and it always hurts like a mother, but still, I don’t get a bunch of burn blisters. As a whole, I’m rather blister-ignorant. I do remember watching people sterilize a needle (Fire, not alcohol {or I suppose maybe both [fire is more memorable]}) and then jab their blisters with them though.

I start screwing with it and it popped, but now I’m thinking, “Oh, I probably shouldn’t have done that.” It seemed like the kind of thing that when you look up “What not to do to a blister,” I just did exactly that.

Well, I figure I should probably go wash it off. After that, I figure a little Neosporin will make sure it doesn’t get infected or anything, so I go get that.

Now, after doing everything I could involving the treatment and dealing with the blister, I go online and google “what not to do with a burn blister.” “What comes up?” you ask? Well, first off, don’t pop them. Second, don’t put ointment on the burn because it can trap excess heat. I don’t think the latter will be a problem though. There was a considerable gap between me hitting the glue gun and even taking the glob off, so I don’t think there was much residual heat left to trap in. Still though, it amazes me that only after I did everything I could with the blister, would I google how I should have handled it.

It’s rather amusing to me. I was going to send a hyphen-heavy tweet about this. Then I was going to use it as the final thought in a Bloggaday. It spiraled violently out of control though, and I ended up giving it it’s Bloggaday.

As far as common sense goes, Albert Einstein described it as “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.” For some reason, I thought it was “collection of experiences,” but that is of little consequence. I haven’t dealt with too many blister pre-18, so that’s not the fault of common sense. I have, however had google since before I could be drafted and legally enter contracts, so before I started messing with it, I should have googled it. So, in the end, I restate my earlier notion that apparently, I have no common sense**

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* Granted, I don’t use the glue gun often, but I inevitably get myself when I do.

** I know the last paragraph built it up that I failed to follow my common sense, and that I actually have it, but I had already written the beginning and I am far too lazy to change it.

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