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Bloggaday 212 – Autopilot in All Its Forms

Bloggaday 212 – Autopilot in All Its Forms

I imagine it’s a rather common phenomena for everyone, and since it had a recent and rather direct effect on me, I figured it would make a decent Bloggaday. I have a tendency of just switching to autopilot when I do certain things. I believe it’s called “highway hypnosis” when you do it while driving*.

While I’m sure I do it a little bit on the road, it’s more common with less significant actions. If I go to put my shoes or deodorant on, I tend to just check out. It can be somewhat more inconvenient in the shower because you can’t look at your hair and see rather you washed it or not like you do when you put your shoes on. You either have to wash your hair again or bank on the fact that you already did it and move on. This isn’t a big deal when you have shorter hair, but I go through cycles of long and short hair,** so this kind of sucks some times.

Well, the other day, this happened to me, and I thought I had washed my hair and decided to move on. And just when you thought this Bloggaday couldn’t get anymore boring, it turns out I was wrong!

An exclamation point makes things interesting, right? Right! Ha, I’ve got two of them in this Bloggaday. That makes it the most exciting Bloggaday ever…***

I actually wrote most of this a long time ago. Weird… When I saw this among the other, I had forgot about it… Almost like I wrote it on… autopilot…

Well, this is what I ended up writing to close it down.

“Sadly, it’s probably true. Well, since my new post-ender is rather long, I want to see what it looks like on a short post, so I think I’ll go ahead and end this here.”

A, apparently I wrote this a couple of months ago since it was originally written just after the first Trigady.

B, I wrote the exact same following sentence a couple of months ago (Sadly, it’s probably true) as I did after going through that paragraph just now.*** I suppose I can either look at that and smile at my consistently or cry like a choleric baby since my writing hasn’t grown in the last like 30,000 words. Either way, I smiled because it was one of those, Whoah! Coincidence much? moments. Alright, I got this up from 250 words up to a bit over 400, so I think I will end it here. AND, I got another Guy Fawkes mask, so I think I’m going to go figure out what my original ANBU design will be. Dim my increativital abilities.

My Final Thought…

Fiction Content tomorrow…

What could possibly be better, huh?

Than a living zombie quoting the Bible?

Listening to

How I Met Your Mother Marathon as the only good thing on Lifetime

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212 September 14

* Have you ever gotten to where you were going, but you don’t really remember the drive? BAM, Highway Hypnosis.

** I present to you the Piccaday A picture every day for a year

*** Oh, sadly that’s probably true, though I do have The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular

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