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Bloggaday 213 – The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 14

Bloggaday 213 – The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 14

Taking this corner slower, Paul still took the steps in leaps, echoing screeches originating closer and closer with each call. He continued through the fluorescence and through the halls until he pressed himself into a stop at a console. He ticked the moments away in his head as he stared into the scanning light. It started to welcome him, but he was already sliding into the doors and feeling around the darkened wall as it spoke. As he came across a button, he smashed it into the wall and the door snapped shut.

With a deafening silence, the door pinned Paul into the darkness… in the darkness but not alone. Decay and rotten flesh permeated the air, but it wasn’t a fresh smell. The dominant scent was… alive.

Paul spun around in the blackness, taking in more sniffs its contents. Despite his logic, the living smell continued to come through the room. Moving as slow as he could manage, he retrieved his light and cut the room with it.

The light fell on a pair of hands in the center of the room wrapped around a leather-bound book. The light lifted until it illuminated a hollowed face.

With a sudden jerk, the face followed the light to Paul. Even from this distance, it was obvious that it wasn’t the light that drew his attention as his eyes never settled on it. A voice cracked from the barren, blue lips, “Tell, me. Am I to visit your iniquities or to show you the way to lovingkindness?”

“What? Are you… dead?”

The book snapped closed, bringing the light to it as dust exploded from the pages. Paul brought the light back up as the man began to speak again, “I am… here to take the third and fourth generations into the thousands. The question is… are you a father or are you of the children?”

“We can get you help. There’s something of a problem outside right now, but once that get’s cleared up, I can go get help.”

“Can you be saved, Paul?”

“Wait, how did you know my name?” Paul asked, taking a step closer.

The man jumped from the floor and charged through the light.

Paul stepped in with a swing, but after the man had covered half the distance, he sped up, inhumanly fast. Faster than the zombies, faster than even Henric, the man closed in and tackled Paul into the wall, the doors buckling in their frame.

In today’s Final Thought,

I would just like to let you all know,

A saga begins, what will probably be a 7-parter

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