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Bloggaday 206 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 13

Bloggaday 206 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 13

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Sandra worked Henric’s glove off a limp hand. As soon as it came free, blood poured from it and covered him in his own blood in a splatter. She gave Henric a few taps to the cheek until he came back to the group. She peeled the hair back from her neck and said, “Here, you need blood.”

“I can’t,” Henric moaned away from her.

Paul pushed himself from the elevator wall at the same time and started, “I don’t think that that’s a good idea.”

Looking away from Henric, Sandra said, “He has lost too much blood. He isn’t healing like he should be.” She shuddered as his teeth sank into her skin. After a moment, concern took her eyes. “Henric, not so hard.”

A moment passed in the silence, and Paul took a step towards the pair. Sandra started again, sterner this time, “Henric.”

Sandra was cut off, as Henric took her in his arm and jerked her to him. He stared an Paul with hollow eyes as Sandra let out a cry.

Paul took another step as the elevator door chimed open.

Pinned against the elevator, Henric tore a chunk from Sandra’s neck and gave Paul a screech.

Undeterred, Paul closed the last step, but Henric thrashed out with a kick that sent him hurtling out of the elevator.

Melinda lunged after Paul, but Henric caught a hold of her hair and whipped her back into the elevator. With a quick snap, he spun her head around, her feet still planted on the ground.

“Nooo,” Paul agonized as Henric dropped her. The two locked eyes as Paul released a growled.

With a sly smile, he brought Sandra to his already dripping lips as the elevator began closing on itself. He tore another chunk from her neck, and she fell limp in his arms just before the wall sealed between the men.

As the elevator whirred to life behind the wall, Paul jumped to it and put his hand through the console. Blinding sparks flew from the panel as the grinding of the gears slowed to a stop.

He ripped himself free from the wall and stumbled to the hallway with the smell of singed flesh fresh from his fist. He shook glass and plastic from his hand as he started down the fluorescent lined walls. He quickly moved into a gallop and sped towards the stairs.

At full speed, Paul barreled into the wall. He pounced from the crater and took the stairs in two leaps. Starting back through the hall, he jumped against the wall to turn into the connecting passageway at full speed. He bounced off of the wall, barely breaking stride.

A twisted and haunted Henric filled the hallway’s exit, drenched clothes hanging loosely to an emaciated and growing frame.

With a stutter, Paul skidded to a stop along the smooth cement. The two exchanged guttural challenges before sprinting after each other.

Henric came down with a wild overhead swing that only caught Paul’s forearm. His claws though, sank into Paul’s arm and he whipped him around into the wall.

Bouncing off the wall, Paul landed on his hands and knees only to be met with a kick to the ribs that brought him to his feet. Barely back to any kind of balance, he dove free of a punch that buried itself in the wall.

The same smell of burnt meat came from Henric this time as he pulled himself free, leaving a hole in a control panel. The wall peeled back to a darkness filled only with a deep choir of moans. One after another, zombies shuffled into the hallway, pushing Henric back a moment before he dove headfirst into the shambling mass.

As zombies began dropping, Paul worked himself to the opposite wall and pushed himself to his feet. He leaned against another console until it the mechanical voice called his name, and the wall again split open to produce zombies.

Paul offered one last look to Henric who had already cleared the first wave and turned for the second room’s zombies. He backpedaled out of the hallway before sprinting for the second set of stairs.

Final thought for today is that

you all just got 600 + words

of original fiction content*

so you don’t really need

a genuine final thought


you know what?

I will give you guys

just a little sneak peak.

I didn’t get my nap yesterday,

and I was friggin zapped by midnight.

Yes, I am an, in fact, old man on the inside.

I Got a nap today and made up for no-yoga-yesterday

with a good routine tonight after watching Ninjas v Pirates pt3.

Listening to

Love You by Jack Ingram (BIKE! Playlist)

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