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Bloggaday 217 –A Train of Thought: Now Departing From Covert Affairs to Farmed Gold pt 4

Bloggaday 217 –A Train of Thought: Now Departing From Covert Affairs to Farmed Gold pt 4

It dawns on me that with all that talk about the women they had on Two and a Half Men, I missed one. Unlike the others, this one’s body doesn’t make up for the face, especially with all of the build-up they laid down at the beginning of the episode

So, to round off the last Bloggaday and kick this one off, I bring you…

Chris O’Donnell as Jill/Bill

For Bloggaday 217

Sure, this last one is a guy, but the character is a woman->man transgender, so I figured I would give him a shout-out. Hmm, I actually wrote a pair of Bloggadays about transgenderism a while back, but I don’t think I’ve released them yet.

Anyways, back to the train of thought! As I look at the cribnotes I jotted down, I see next up on the Bloggaday chopping block is the steady decline of Charlie Harper. I fear I may have done a Bloggaday about this already, so I’ll keep it short. The Charlie Harper character has slid from the “cool guy” to a bit of a loser. It’s painful, but I’ve seen it before, and I’m sure I’ll see it again. The two characters I’ve seen this happen to that comes to mind is Eliot from Just Shoot Me and even Al of Home Improvement to some extent.

Eliot went from a slick, confident artist who bagged supermodels* to a whiny, sniveling arteest.** Gotta say, kind of killed me inside. While Al wasn’t the quintessential “cool guy,” he went from the competent man of Tool Time to a sap. It’s just annoying to see good characters get destroyed.

Now, characters need to grow, I get that. They need to evolve and be dynamic. I also get the tragic character, but I don’t think the three aforementioned characters went in the right direction. They demolished the three characters. They didn’t “grow.” They got torn down and rebuilt as annoying, barely watchable and impossible to enjoy shadows of their prior selves.

There has been glimmers of old Charlie, but they are becoming further and farer in between. One such point was with Chelsea’s old roommate, Tricia Helfer as Gail***

For Bloggaday 217

There was another point in one of the newer episodes. I want to say it was right after Chelsea left him. If memory serves it was when he was singing. It started off kind “No, don’t do this to another characters,” but it looked like they were just building up the scene to see the return of “Awesome Charlie.”**** I would have put money on the fact that the scene was going to do that, but Charlie continued to get more and more bumhurt about Chelsea leaving. I had hoped that there had been enough fan backlash, and things were going to start returning to the way they were in the first few seasons. No dice.

For our final thought,

the fall of our beloved Chaz

has not been an isolated cataclysm

on CBS’s “Two and a Half Men.”*****

The characters and the show itself have fallen,

but more on that tomorrow when I have a fresh 500.

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217 September 19

* Sound familiar? Perhaps from the last paragraph even.

** I swear, it’s like Déjà vu.

*** More Battlestar Galactica-y picture in yesterday’s post

**** As I said before, I hate the Chelsea character. One of the reasons being the dramatic decline of Charlie and continued degradation of the show.

***** Is a cataclysm ever isolated though?

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