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Bloggaday 223 – Carl’s Jr. and the Communist Party pt 3

Bloggaday 223 – Carl’s Jr. and the Communist Party pt 3

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Prosecutor: Of course. Earlier, Mr. Bauer, you mentioned there was a white marking on the Carl’s Jr. flag, didn’t you?

Bauer: Vy, yes.

Prosecutor: Now, while looking at both the Carl’s Jr. flag as well as the hammer, sickle, and star on the DKP flag, do you think there’s any similarity between that white marking and the communist symbolism?

for Bloggaday 219

for Bloggaday 219

Bauer: Hmm… I did not notice it at first, but yes.

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Objection! The white marking they are talking about is an arrow, an ARROW, pointing to the copy of the ad. This is ridiculous.

Your Honor: I think the person in the black robe can JUDGE what is ridiculous. Overruled. Keep these constant objections up, and I’ll have you held in contempt.

Prosecutor: So what was it that you saw, Mr. Bauer?

Bauer: Given the curve of the supposed “arrow,” it looks very much like a sickle. It is rather shocking that they vould do something like that.

Prosecutor: So, would you say that there is a connection here?

Bauer: Vell, I suppose that by a preponderance of the evidence, that yes. The Carl’s Jr. flag definitely uses communist symbolism for their ad.

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: /sigh

Prosecutor: I have no further questions. Your witness.

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: … Uh… I… have no questions for this witness. And my witness is not currently here…

Your Honor: Thank you, Mr. Bauer. You may step down. Are there any more witnesses to take the stand?

Prosecutor: Your Honor, I have one last witness. I’d like to call to the stand, George Strait.

Courtroom: /Murmer, /murmer, /murmer

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Your Honor, this is just a PR ploy. Mr. Strait isn’t even here.

Prosecutor: Your Honor… If I can just 3, 2, … 1, …

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: …

Prosecutor: …

You Honor: I think I have given you enough ti

Courtroom Door: BDUH

Cowboy Boots: Click… click… click… click…

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Son of a

Prosecutor: Your Honor, I present to you, George Strait.

Your Honor: Mr. Strait, you may take the stand.

George Strait: Why, thank you, Your Honor.

I imagine you guys don’t want to hear George Strait getting sworn in, so I’ll end it here, though I think I’m a little light.

I suppose I should have ran these across my brother, Super Awesome Lawyer of the Santa Cruz area, Keith Dysart, who passed his bar the on his first try, to see if I was even close with all of the legal mumbo jumbo.

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