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Bloggaday 218 – SotW 17

Bloggaday 218 – SotW 17

Chuck: Hello and welcome again, Bloggaday Readers. I am your host, Chuck, and with me as always is Tom. So how has the Song of the Week field been looking this week, Tom?

Tom: Well, it’s been another rough one, Chuck. There’s been another SotW Civil war this week with two songs vying strong for the title.

Chuck: Wow, again? That’s what, 3 weeks now?

Tom: Have we been ramping up for a sweeps week or something?

Chuck: Huh?

Tom: Like you said, for the last few weeks, there’s been an awful lot of “drama” for us, and I’m just saying, I’m getting suspicious.

Chuck: Hmm, I suppose when you put it like that…

Tom: I know, right!?!

Chuck: So what two songs are having “problems” with each other this week?

Tom: You know what, it’s a really odd two songs.

Chuck: Odder than last week when the trio was an explicit rap song, a slow Rolling Stone song, and a novelty Irish song form a band called Dropkick Murphy?

Tom: Um, yeah, way odder actually.

Chuck: Well, let’s hear it then.

Tom: Well, like I said last week, The Beastie Boys got a foothold in iTunes with 5 new songs.

Chuck: So one of them is a Beastie Boys song?

Tom: Yep. Our first contender this week dominated the first half of the week. It was none other than “Paul Revere.”

Chuck: All right. A little bit different from the typical Song of the Week, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Tom: Well, the second song is an Electric Six song.

Chuck: You know what? I saw him tweet about that last week. If memory serves, he was talking about High Voltage, right?

Tom: You mean, Danger! High Voltage?

Chuck: Yeah, yeah, you can’t impress with your link-talk like you did David.

Tom: Oh, you mean in the first TAWR? The first Thing-a-Week-Response?

Chuck: Hey, why haven’t we done another one of those yet? It’s my turn next time.

Tom: Well, there’s been a lot of multi-post Bloggadays lately and having Monday, Wednesday, and Friday tied up with scheduled posts kind of sets the week up with only one spot to put those multi-posts and it limits it to only a two-parter. It’ll happen eventually though.

Chuck: Okay. That was quite succinct for you, Tom. I’m impressed.

Tom: Actually, David made me memorize it incase it ever came up with you.

Chuck: Wow, really?

Tom: Well, he said “when,” not “in case.” “In case” just made it sound like you were less of a diva and there was a chance you would just wait for the extra face-time instead of badgering us.

Chuck: Wow, did you memorize that, too?

Tom: Yeah, but from my own disdain for you, not because David asked me too.

Chuck: …

Tom: …

Chuck: So, what about that Electric Six song. Is it High Voltage?

Tom: Actually, no. It’s “Gay Bar.”

Chuck: Gay Bar?

Tom: Yeah, you know, like the one you met your wife at.

Chuck: Hay, we both walked in there on ACCIDENT! We agreed we wouldn’t speak of it again

Tom: Yeah, but that’s before we came to the Bloggaday and were reaching like 30 people.

Chuck: We’re already over our word count. Can we just get this over with?

Tom: Sure

Alright. This week’s SotW is…

Paul: dududududududuuudud

Tom: “Paul Revere”


The Beastie Boys

Chuck: Well, as much as we would have liked to go into details of choice selection and upcoming forecasts for the Song of the Week, we are drastically over our word count, and tomorrows post are already in the works,* so from all f us at the Soong of the Week, thank you for choosing us for your weekly music needs and have a great week.

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