Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bloggaday 165 – My Return to Bloggaday

Bloggaday 165 – My Return to Bloggaday

Alright, my simpatico lasted longer than I thought. I was going to start posting Bloggadays again when I came back on Monday, but I’ve been pretty sh!t-busy since I got back. I had to go pick my desk from JCP, revamp my room, install the desk, continue cleaning, finish the woodworking on my sword, do some other stuff, more stuff of the other kind, and more busy work organizing and shopping and research.

I figured I would just post two a day until I caught up, but with the business, I figured I would just wait until Thursday, taking one week off and then posting two a day until I caught up. Then I kind of thought that I should have at least 10 Bloggadays by then to ease into the expedited schedule, but I don’t have 10 complete or near-complete Bloggadays ready yet, so I’ve pushed my schedule back a little bit more.

I’m taking 10 days off and I’ll post an extra Bloggaday every week and catch up in 10 weeks. If I can really start rolling on Bloggadays, then I’ll stick extras in here and there.

I don’t know how much content I have done, but hopefully I can stay on top of the Bloggaday and get the extras pumping out right away. As for the ten Bloggaday plan, it’s not that I wanted 10 pre-packaged and ready to go, they just needed to be just about ready to post. For example, the last SotW I did ran long enough that I can probably break it into two posts. Even though I have to write an intro and outro for the break, it’s done enough to be considered “done.”

Hmm, I think I’ve changed my mind yet again. All of my previous plans didn’t offer me the ability to sinc up the weekly segments, so I think I’ll just start Monday. Wait, Sunday since this will be my first post back. Not much of a difference from my 10-day plan which would have put it at Saturday, but oh well.

Unfortunately, I’ve been sinking all of my time in only a couple of things, but I haven’t been keeping good enough records or photo profiles to pull all of the Bloggadays I could out of them.

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