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Bloggaday 166 – TAWR 1point1

Bloggaday 166 – TAWR 1point1

(Author’s note: I will be posting 2 Blogadays a day until I catch up)

Tom: Hello Bloggaday readers. I am Tom, and I’m here with the man, the myth, Bloggaday author himself, David “The Other Darkness” Dysart.

David: Thanks, Tom. It’s great to be here.

Tom: It’s been a while since we’ve done a Bloggaday together hasn’t it?

David: Yep. Back in the third Song of the Week I think. I should mention that Tom here co-hosts the weekly Bloggaday segment, The Song of the Week with Chuck.

Tom: That’s right, and, it’s great that we can work together again.

David: Yeah, should we take a minute to tell the folks how these Thing a Week Responses will work?

Tom: Sure. I would have thought it more dramatic for the people to figure it out over the next couple of weeks, but we can spell it out now.

David: Okay…

Tom: Well, every week, I’ll interview Bloggaday Author, David Dysart here on 4 songs from Jonathan Coulton’s Thing a Week.

David: One correction though

Tom: Oh, did we change the number of songs?

David: No, I like 4 songs per post because that mean s we’ll finish it in 13 weeks.

Tom: 13 weeks? Aren’t you afraid that something will go wrong?

David: Wrong?

Tom: Well, 13 isn’t exactly renowned for it’s luck.

David: Oh, we’ll be fine.

Tom: So what was it that I got wrong?

David: Oh, I’ll be here every week, but we’re going to rotate the interviewer.

Tom: So it’ll be me, Chuck, me, Chuck?

David: Actually, it’ll be you, Chuck, and then Jack and Dan will also get turns.

Tom: Jack and Dan are coming back?

David: Yes, they should be fully recovered in a couple of weeks. I might need you guys to fill in for the next Performer of the Month segment though.

Tom: That sounds great. For those of you who don’t know, Jack and Dan have suffered from a series of accidents that have prevented them from taking over the monthly segment PoM from Chuck and myself.

David: Well, should we get to the songs?

Tom: That sounds great. First up we have…

David: Wait, shouldn’t we tell the readers what the Thing a Week is?

Tom: You’re right. The Thing a Week is a podcast from musician Jonathan Coulton where he released a new and free song every week for a whole year. Quite the feat if you ask me.

David: Did you just speak a hyperlink?

Tom: Yeah, you don’t know how to do that?

David: No, how do you do it?

Tom: Just say it and focus really hard on the site you want to link to.

David: David Dysart’s Bloggaday

Tom: No, no, no. You’re new, so it’s going to take more effort for you to start doing it. I, on the other hand, am a professional.

David: David Dysart’s The DJ Show!

Tom: No, you’re still not trying hard enough. Don’t worry, this is just text, not video. You have to really throw your body into it. I’m talking full-blown constipation face the first few time.

David: Crafton Hills College’s The Sand Canyon Review!!!!!

Tom: Very good. There’s hope for you yet.

David: Oh, I just saw our word count. We’re already over 500 words

Tom: So we are. I’m going to have to make an executive decision here, David.

David: What’s that?

Tom: We’ll just have to go into a second Bloggaday and get to the songs tomorrow.

David: Okay, that sounds reasonable. We just can’t make a habit out of it. I already have two OTHER weekly segments.

Tom: Well, folks. Be sure to come back tomorrow for my interview with David Dysart, author of the Bloggaday. Thank you for joining us for this post and have a great day.

David: Thanks everybody. Have a good one

Tom: We have to get one thing straight, David. I get the last word.

David: Really? I write the footnotes.

Tom: But I’m the talent!*

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