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loggaday 174 – From Naruto to Communist China’s Army, a Train of Thought by David Dysart

Bloggaday 174 – From Naruto to Communist China’s Army, a Train of Thought by David Dysart

So just to give you an example of how my train of thought tends to wander, how my inner monologue tends to meander, how my consciousness tends to just, you know how some fish can kind of fly? That’s kind of cool, isn’t it?

So I was watching this video here -> which depicted Naruto as a ANBU Black-op. My train of thought went a little like this:

“Hey, I didn’t know Naruto got into the ANBU. Hmm, I suppose he could just be wearing Sakura’s. I’m pretty sure she got in. Even though she’s medical, I wonder if she ever got better than Kakashi. I’m sure she did. That’s how shows like that work. What was that other guy’s name in the new ones who was in the Ops? That creepy almond-eyed guy that saved Sakura after saying he wouldn’t. Naruto wasn’t quite fast enough, but the joys of muscle acceleration not being limited to 9.8 m/s/s. Kind of crazy how fast they go. They don’t travel that fast, do they. I suppose they could for a little while, but I imagine it be the same as me jumping as far as I could for long. More of just a burst of speed. They don’t seem to be going that fast through the tress. The just jump pretty far. I don’t think that they are as fast as the folks on Dragon Ball Z. Wait, Transportation was an actual transportation right? Not them finally learning how to move faster than other people can see. I think they were able to do that way before Transportation. I think Goku was the first to learn it, but then he used it on Cell, and then he figured it out because he learned stuff after seeing them. Cell, The perfect killing machine, crafted by the Red Army. That was so cool that they brought the old army back during Dragon Ball Z. They were really good bad guys. They all seemed to be named after colors though. What was that ninja’s name though? Oh, when did that come up when I was up north? Golfing? Should have used a stick he could have a tail too! Hey, wait a minute. Red Army? Dragon ball… Where’s that from? Japan? Well, that’s just a hop, skip and a jump from China. I wonder… Is the Red Army supposed to be a metaphor for China’s Army? Wait, Dragon Ball did come out after China became Communist, right? I’ll have to look that up. Hmm, Dragon Ball was pretty good. I wonder if I’ll ever go back and watch it again. Meh, probably not. That was all kinds of a weird train of thought. I bet I could write a Bloggaday on that. How did it go again?”

Stream of consciousness updates:

The Dragon Ball manga did come out well after China became a Communist State. Manga: 1984* and Chine went all post-pinko in 49.

Also, I now know that it’s the Red RIBBON Army. Whoops. Random stream of consciousness for the win

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*Coincidence of continued social commentary of an overreaching government, a la George Orwell

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