Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bloggaday 170 – CSUSB and e-Textbooks

Bloggaday 170 – CSUSB and e-Textbooks

Dim you CSUSB. Dim you it to the inferno that is the Judaic-Christian torment that awaits all unsaved souls. May it rest in eternal misery with all the other blasted things that have thwarted my ulterior motives and rationalizations.

I recently read an article that talked about how schools now have to release what books they are going to require for their classes sooner than just a week before the classes actually begin.* Well, to that, I thought, hey, with this, you can actually reasonably get books online now. Granted, it was pointed out to me and prodded by my dad. So I went online and found out what books I was going to need.

For this quarter, buying them off of Half.com is going to save me about 60 or 70 dollars. I could have saved more, but I’m spoiled and I wanted the ones in really good condition. I didn’t want to chance not getting the CD’s that came with them.

As I started looking though the webpages, the wheels in my head started going. Well, e-books are usually pretty cheap, so if I get an e-book reader, it’ll pay for itself! How could I not do that? That’s just simple economics. I can probably test out of econ 101 then, can’t I? Maybe show them this Bloggaday, listen to them call me brilliant and take my C-, and move on. C- is still passing, right?**

Anyways, I figured I’ve got some “scholastic funds” waiting, so if I can get my books on a reader, then I might as well get one. I mean, an e-book sounds pretty good. Carrying a single little gadget instead of a few different books sounds mighty nice. Plus, I don’t have to have to be carrying all of my books with me at all times. It’s not terribly often that I forget my books, but I’ve wanted to have a book with me that I wasn’t expecting that I was going to need. With an e-book reader, I would always have all of my textbooks with me.

I wish I could just buy textbooks as pdfs. I wouldn’t even really need an e-book reader then. Though it would still be nice I suppose. The only downside of e-books that is disappointing considering the format is the inability to copy and paste text on DRM books, which is going to any textbook I imagine.

Hopefully this’ll change in the near future and I can do this e-book thing.

Oh and dim this dim word processor that automatically changes my “dims” to “dims.”

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