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Bloggaday 197 – SotW 14

Bloggaday 197 – SotW 14

Chuck: Hello once again, Bloggaday Readers. I am, of course, Chuck, and with me as always is Tom.

Tom: Hello, folks.

Chuck: Well, Tom, we’ve been going a bit off-track lately, so perhaps we should get right down to the Song of the Week.

Tom: That sounds great. Go right ahead.

Chuck: You know what? As an olive branch, I’d like you to take my turn announcing the song this week.

Tom: Why, thank you, Chuck. You’re going to get me tearing up a little bit here.

Chuck: Here you go.

Tom: Thanks. And this week’s SotW is…

Paul: dududududududududududu

Tom: What the hell?!?

Chuck: Haha.

Tom: Jeeze. Where’s the real print-out for the SotW this week?

Chuck: Oh, goodness. There isn’t one. David never sent us any email.

Tom: Alright, I’LL get ahold of him. Call douchebag

Phone: Calling: Chuck Der

Chuck: HEY!

Tom: Cancel… See, that’s how you be funny. Call Bloggaday author

Phone: Calling David Dysart

Chuck: Oh, man. You so should have seen your face.

Tom: Yeah, I don’t like having to play the straight man to an idiot. Is that why you just wanted to get to it?

Chuck: Yeah. There was no way I was going to be able to keep a straight face through the whole thing.

Tom: It wasn’t even funny.

Chuck: Ohoho

Tom: You are a sad little man.

David: Thanks, Tom. I never tire of hearing that.

Tom: Oh, no not you, David. I was talking to Chuck.

David: Oh, okay. I thought you were calling about me not sending you the song for this week.

Tom: Actually, that IS why we are calling.

David: Oh, so what was that whole bit about a “sad little man?”

Tom: Chuck was TRYING to be funny by giving me a blank paper that supposedly had the song for this week.

David: But that’s not funny though.

Tom: That’s what I thought but he’s still chuckling a little bit about it.

Chuck: Hoho, anyways. What’s the song this week David?

David: Uh, that’s a tough one. I’ve got three new songs that all deserve the spot.

Tom: Well, what are the, David?

David: Well, at the beginning of the week, “F**K YOU” by Cee Lo Green Was definitely an early favorite. I was listening to it quite a bit, but then I grabbed then I grabbed a few more new songs.

Tom: That’s great David, bu

David: That’s where this whole thing gets complicated. I usually put songs in my iTunes so that the one I will want to listen to most will be at the top of the playlist, and I’ll hear it more than the others.

The top three were going to be “Lover, Lover,” “If I Die Young,” then “Get Off on the Pain.” Well, I ended up switching “If I Die” and “Lover, Lover.” Great call on my part since I’ve been really digging the Band Perry Song. “Get Off on the Pain” though has been one heck of a sleeper hit.

Tom: That’s great, David, but I just wanted to know the songs, not their life story with you.

David: Sorry about that, Tom.

Tom: It’s fine. I just think it’s ridiculous that the comedic relief anchor has been having to carry the show today. That’s not why I became the comic relief. I don’t like this!

David: I’m sure you and Chuck will get everything straitened out before the next Song of the Week.

Chuck: I’ll do my part to “carry” the show. David…

David: What’s up, Chuck?

Chuck: We’re actually over our 500 word word count, so we need an answer. We’re about to go off the internet.

David: Okay. Jeeze. Um… You know what? “Get off on the Pain”

Tom: Alright, David, that sounds great. Thanks a lot.

Chuck: Great choice, David.

David: No you didn’t let me finish!

Tom: It was great having you on again. Be sure to call in.

David: I was gonna say tha

Chuck: Was he trying to say something?

Tom: Oh, I’m sure it was nothing.

Chuck: Okay. So, folks, you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Tom: And the cliché douche bag’s own unoriginal terminology.

Chuck: Gary Allen has taken this week’s Song of the Week. I hope you all had as much fun reading this weekly Bloggaday segment as we did making it for you.

Tom: Why do you hate our readers, Chuck?

Chuck: What?

Tom: You didn’t ACTUALLY have fun doing this, did you?

Chuck: Do you hate me that much?

Tom: Actually, I think I do

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