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Bloggaday 183 – SotW 13

Bloggaday 183 – SotW 13

Chuck: Hello once again, Bloggaday Readers, from the Song of the Week. I am Chuck

Tom: …

Chuck: Tom

Tom: …

Chuck: Tom!

Tom: Huh uh, wu?

Chuck: Wake up.

Tom: Oh, sorry, Chuck. I am Tom, and welcome to the SotW

Chuck: Are you okay?

Tom: Oh, yeah. Late night last night.

Chuck: You work ONE day a week. Why do you party thee night before it?

Tom: For your information, I partied last night and the 6 nights before it.

Chuck: That doesn’t explain why you just HAD to go out last night.

Tom: Well, your wife wasn’t free the other 6.

Chuck: Up yours, Tom.

Tom: No, it’s just that I didn’t think we were going to do this today.

Chuck: Why wouldn’t we?

Tom: Well, David started TWO different Bloggaday over the weekend that are going to be multi-Bloggaday posts and he’s got that song thing he wants to post.

Chuck: He wouldn’t bump us just for, wait, what song thing?

Tom: Oh, it’s just some Facebook thing. You’ll see it in a few days apparently.

Chuck: Whatever. Without further ado, this weeks song. Wait, how the heck do you know about, and I don’t?

Tom: Oh, well when your wife rolls, she likes having a posse, and when we stop down because she’s feeling a little chafed, we have to talk about something.

Chuck: …

Tom: Without further ado, the Song this week is

Paul: dududududuuddududududududu

Tom: Thanks, Paul

“You coul

Paul*: No Problem, Tom.

Tom: That was a rhetorical ‘thanks,’ Paul.

Chuck: Can a thanks be rhetoric,

Paul: Sorry guys.

Tom: Ha!

Chuck: Can we make a rule that Paul can’t interrupt us?

Tom: That’ll probably be good, Paul. No offense, but can you just stick to the drum role?


Tom: Well, you probably could have said something there instead of just nosing your head

Chuck: Yeah, we just mean from her on ,

Paul: Okay, guys. No problem.

Tom: Ha!

Chuck: I work with children.

Tom: And I only like one of my coworkers. Care to guess which one?

Chuck: No I wouldn’t really li,

Paul: I would think me, Tom.

Chuck: Two things, Paul. One, he was talking to me, and 2, it was rhetorical.

Tom: No it wasn’t. I was trying to liven up the SotW with a little game.

Chuck: …

Tom: Without further ado, this week’s song is

Paul: dududududududududuuudu

Tom: “You Could Be Her”


Jonathan Coulton

Chuck: Wow, after like a month of snubs, JoCo is really starting to dominate the Song of the Week.

Tom: True, but it’s been kind of a slow week for music. There hasn’t been a lot of songs to get much individual focus.

Chuck: Well, whatever he’s doing, he needs to keep it up.

Tom: Well, I think I can shed a little light on the subject with this word from our sponsers

Chuck: When did we get sponsors?

Tom: Did none of your teachers tell you NOT to talk when going into a commercial?


Today, Maroon 5, Jonathan Coulton, and AC/DC all moved into the same playlist. How will these VERY different performers handle being on the same iPod?

Find out this Fall, only on Bloggaday.

Check out you local internet providers for times


Chuck: Alright, then.

Tom: Yep.

Chuck: …

Tom: Well, we’re already at 500 words.

Chuck: Sounds like the perfect time to wrap this Song of the Week up then.

Tom: After you.

Chuck: Thanks. And thank you, Bloggaday Reader, for reading yet another edition of the weekly Song of the Week. Come back next Monday for another episode. Until then, I’m Chuck

Tom: And I’m Tom.

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Walking On Air by Kerli

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183 August 16

* For the unfamiliar, Paul is the producer and fictitious transcriber of the Song of the Week

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