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Bloggaday 169 – SotW 10POINT2

Bloggaday 169 – SotW 10POINT2

Tom: Hello, Bloggaday Readers, and welcome back to SotW 10.2. I am again here without Chuck, but as always, my producer Paul is here with me…

Paul: dududududududududu

Tom: What are you doing, Paul

Paul: I thought you said last time that that was the signal for the drum role.

Tom: I just wanted you to introduce yourself

Paul: … Sorry… I’m Paul

Tom: Okay, well, we have a full Bloggaday ahead of us, so let’s get right into it. This week’s SotW is…

Paul: I’m Paul.

Tom: Come on, Paul.

Paul: Sorry, Tom, I’m just screwin’ wit ya.

Tom: I’ll tell you what I told Chuck. I’m the funny one here.

Paul: Actuallly, you said, “You really need to stay with the whole “straight man” routine. Being funny isn’t really your thing.”

Tom: …

Paul: I’m the one who transcribes this for the Bloggaday.

Tom: … Alright then. This week’s song is…

Paul: dududududududu


Makes Me Wonder


Marie Digby

Tom: Well, this is actually going to be harder to do alone than I had originally envisioned. First off, long-time fans of the SotW may recall that while JoCo has been dominating the music scene with his “Thing a Week” podcast, he was snubbed, and it appears as if it’s happened yet again. It looks like Bloggaday author, David Dysart has just been shying from giving the overwhelming force a spot as the Song of the Week. I know I usually just say “SotW,” as a general character decision, but it has seem a little odd without Chuck here to balance it out without his proprietary use of “Song of the Week.”

Tom: I suppose the next issue I have to pick up is the song choice. “Makes Me Wonder” is a Maroon 5 song, but it was covered by Marie Digby acoustically on YouTube, and that is the version that was able to reach above other songs like acoustic versions of “Telephone” and “Hey Ya.”

Tom: As you can tell from our opening exchange seemed to foreshadow an upcoming Mix-a-Lot comeback, but given its use in the first ever mashup of the Bloggaday author this week, it seemed like something of a conflict of interests. Though I must say, if you listen to and enjoy a song after listening to it a gajillion times while splicing it together with a rather different cover version of it, it must be SotW-worthy.

Tom: I suppose we should probably plug the Youtube video, so you can go here to listen and watch ->

Tom: Well, from myself, I would like to…

Paul: Hey, Tom, we just got an email from David. He wants us to at least mention some JoCo for this week.

Tom: Alright, forward it to me.

Paul: Already done.

Tom: Okay, it looks like he’s just sent us some comments. It looks like “My Monkey” has really been reclimbing the JoCo ranks. Of course, “Baby Got Back.” It looks like “When I’m 25 or 64” has been doing pretty well. “Podsafe Christmas Song” is doing surprisingly since it’s not even close to Christmas. I suppose it is a quirky little song though. “You Could Be Her” isn’t doing as well as it has been. “Dance” is still well below mediocre. “Chiron Bet Prime” is sagging a little bit. “Till the Money Comes” has been picking up quite a bit. “Soft Rocked By Me” is still “hilarious” and doing better. “Creepy Doll” and “Big Bad World One” have fallen a bit more than I would have thought. Hmm, even though “Soft Rocked By Me” has really been pulling up lately, it looks like “My Monkey” would have been the Song this week. I guess JoCo is the new Scorsceze

Tom: Well, I suppose that’s about all I’ve got for this Bloggaday. From all of us here at the Bloggaday and SotW, we hope you have a great week and hope you tune in next week for the next installment of Song of the Week.

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