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Bloggaday 188 – A Captioned Narrative: The Intro

Bloggaday 188 – A Captioned Narrative: The Intro

So I recently uploaded the pictures of all of the particleboard things I’ve been making lately. I was going to wait to post them until I actually started rolling out Bloggadays about them, but luckily I got prodded for pictures, of them, so I put them up a couple of days ago.

I must say though, it was quite the task. Very time consuming at least. I’m glad I didn’t wait to do them the day of for my Bloggadays. I ended up posting a decent amount of text for each picture. On top of that, I put them up on photobucket, so I suppose even something as simple as copy/paste takes a considerable amount of time. I suppose it didn’t help that I was watching TV, but that puts the blame on me and not the task, so I’m not going to focus on that too much.

When I was doing it, it was kind of in the back of my head that I could probably get away with doing a Bloggaday for these. I had been needing to catch up for my week off, and this seemed like a pretty easy way to scam a free Bloggaday. I hadn’t given it much thought though.

That is until I lost all of the text of my largest upload - and

I went through and wrote down the all of the caption or whatever you call them on facebook. I didn’t want to chance loosing all of the text in case my computer crashed while I was copy/pasting them to photobucket, so I went to save my changes. I don’t know if I accidently hit cancel or what, but it erased all of my text. My rewrites that I ended up doing was just shy of 1k, and that’s me just skimming through to do them again. To most people, I’m sure a thousand words isn’t musch, but that’s 2 friggin Bloggadays gone just like that.

Needless to say, if I was rewriting those captions, I was getting a Bloggaday out of them. Well, I wasn’t hundred % yet. I didn’t know how many words it was that just got zapped. I was irritated though.

It was a day or two after all of that that I finally captioned my shuriken album. I decided to just write them in word and copy/paste them to both sites at one time. I was shocked to find out that a short 20-something picture album was like 500 words. I copy/pasted my other albums into the word doc and all togetherm they were over 2,200 words. That’s 4 or five Bloggadays right there.

This Bloggaday here was just going to be an intro kick-off to the caption Bloggadays, but I’m pushing 500 words now, so I guess it’ll have to wait. Originally, It was going to be all of that condensed and then I was going to segwe into how I’ve picked up my old Naruto manga and was going to start reading. But I mentioned a segwe, didn’t I? Well. My fancy shuriken that I made was handy and it got rangled into being my new Naruto bookmark. Yada yada yada, I was going to expands that a little bit for some background for the manga, but I’m over my word count for even this, so I suppose that must wait. I guess, I’ve just got to say, expect some narrative caption Bloggadays coming. Follow along for the narrative.

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