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Bloggaday 189 – NNP 1: Soul Mates

Bloggaday 189 – NNP 1: Soul Mates

Alright. I’m posting 8 Bloggadays today. After that though, I’ll be completely caught up. 6 of them are from one long writing I did. That’s what the NNO is a tag for. It’s the “Nearly Not Published.” More on that in the coming Bloggadays. The other two will probably be the Captioned Narratives. I guess I’ll find out in a few minutes.

Man, it’s rough. I wanted to do bloggaday about something. My train of though went from an honest and uplifting observation to a somewhat depressing self evaluation to something funny that’s also really screwed up, like, “haha-ohhhhhh. Did he just say that? Jeeze, haha,” and then some more personal reflection. The whole “somewhat depressing self evaluation” thing seemes kind of odd to post though. Seeing as I kept writing and passed 2k in my word count and I’ve still got more content to put down, I might as well use this to catch up for the week I stopped. These Bloggadays are just filler though, not good Bloggaday content.

These will probably be the most uncensored, I’ve ever been on the Bloggaday. Not necessarily in profanity, but with concepts and ideas.

So I’ve been watching these cosplay skits lately. There are two pretty popular groups out there that do them. At least as far as I’ve seen. I’m sure there are more. It’s kind of funny though. Both of them do Naruto and the cosplayers who do Naruto and Sasuke are dating each other. Sasu + Naru and Sasu + Naru. By itself, that’s cool. They found each other and share the same passion. I have no idea if they met THROUGH anime and cosplay, or if it’s visa versa, but either way, it’s just neato.

In and of itself, that’s cool enough, but what makes it rather astonishing is the fact that both are alternative relationships. In the second group that I started watching, Sasuke and Naruto are both women and are married.*

Now, when I saw the first group doing some Sasuke/Naruto stuff, I remember going, “Whoa. They are reeeaaally dedicated to that pairing.” Of course, low and behold, they’re a couple. But as I said earlier, they ‘re an alternative couple. Sasuke is a woman and the Naruto is a pre-op woman->man transgender.

Damn. Soul mate much? Meant to be? It just seems like the odds of either couple coming together under those circumstances is ridiculously staggering. It was very uplifting. It definitely made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. One of those, scratch that, two of those aspiring stories that makes anything seem possible.

Then I sat with it for a week or two. It became kind of depressing. Uplifting still, but also kinds of makes you feel like shit. They found their “Special Someone” and share the same passion. I have neither a “special someone” nor that same passion at all. I haven’t found something like that yet. I know a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, but I have no bird and I see no bush. I will say though, I’ve got a monkey and I’m shaking it like I’m trying to give a baby SIDS.

Alright, I’m stopping the first Bloggaday here. More unreadable nonsense coming up in 3, 2, 1...

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