Friday, August 13, 2010

Bloggaday 173 – A New Steak Recipe

Bloggaday 173 – A New Steak Recipe

I think I have to preface this by saying I’m not a big meat guy. I’m not a vegetarian, but I’ve just never been a big meat eater. You know what? I think this is just going to be a meat Bloggaday, and I’ll just end with my original thought.

I’ve always been a picky eater, so I haven’t been the one to go to a place and order a steak. Fastfood hamburgers were usually okay with places like Micky D’s and Bakers having really good ones. While I still eat Bakers’ hamburgers, it’s been a while since I’ve had one from McDonalds.* In N Out has awesome hamburgers, but it’s a bit of a drive to get out to the nearest one around here. I those are the only fastfood hamburgers I’ve ever made a habit out of eating.

I will get hamburgers at places like Lucille’s BBQ, Chillis, and Red Robin, but since I’m not a meat guy, they tend to be a bit thick for my taste. Also, when I eat hamburgers from restaurants, I usually have cheeseburgers, but I like my fast food hamburgers with just ketchup on them. I suppose it might be due the meat/bread ratio though.

I think I’ve kind of inherited my taste from doneness from my mom. She tends to eat steaks and hamburgers extra** well-done. While I’m not quite as extreme, I definitely like my food cooked pretty well-done. Maybe just a touch pink in the middle, but it shouldn’t be the dominant color of the steak, and if I see red, it ain’t good.

More recently, I’ve gotten into eating steaks. They’re surprisingly good considering the terrible meat/bread ratio.*** A week or so ago, I tried a steak that I’ve never seen or heard of before, well the rub was new to me. We tried rubbing brown sugar and cinnamon on the steak before cooking. It was actually really good. I’m sure they’re both common marinades, but they two together are new to me.

Next time for the brown sugar/cinnamon steaks I want to actually marinate them, so I have to figure out a good liquid to add. Coke seems to be a pretty popular marinade, but I think that much extra sweetness might be too much. Then I thought ginger ale. I went online to see how often it’s use as a marinade, and I’ve found it used with salmon, chicken, ribs, venison, ham, and even some kind of steak called beef sauté a la Bob. Doesn’t seem terribly popular (at least not in ale form),but I’m thinking it’s the best choice. I suppose we could use something like orange juice, but I think I would rather use ginger ale personally. You might have to suffer through another boring Bloggaday about cinnamon and brown sugar steak in the near future since I know there’s some steak in the freezer.

I will add one final thing though. I read in a book a while back about a marinade that included cinnamon****, cocoa, and coffee, that I’ll try one of these days. I read about before I really ate steaks, so I’ve always tried to get other people to eat it in a marinade like that to tell me if it was any good, but that hasn’t happened yet. I suppose if you want something done…*****

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173 August 6

* I don’t think the cow eyeballs thing freaked me out that much, but I stopped eating them at that time and just haven’t had one since then. It’s probably a healthy decision anyways.

** In this case, extra mean 2 steps from jerkified

*** o_O

**** Where we got the idea to do cinnamon in the first place.

***** Or well-done for that matter

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