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Bloggaday 167 – TAWR 1point2

Bloggaday 167 – TAWR 1point2

Tom: Hello again, Bloggaday Reader. I am still Tom from the SotW and with me again is Bloggaday author, David Dysart

David: Thanks, Tom. I look forward to jumping right into the songs.

Tom: David, if you want to the host, you can just tell me.

David: I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to offend you.

Tom: It’s no problem. Let’s just talk about JoCo’s first 4 songs of TAW.

David: Sounds great. What’s the first one we’ve got?

Tom: Well, first up, we have… “See You All in Hell.”

David: Oh, yeeeaahhh. I’ve got no idea what was going on with that song.

Tom: According to JoCo’s website, apparently it was from a series of texts from a TV Producer.

David: Really?

Tom: Yeah. Then he put the music together with loops from Soundtrack.

David: You know what, I wasn’t that impressed with it. I ended up deleting itfrom iTunes. It was kind of depressing though that that was how he opened. I’ve really liked almost everything else I’ve heard in the Thing a Week.

Tom: Should we move onto the 2nd song then?

David: Sure, what do we have next?

Tom: Actually, it’s a little diddy known as “My Monkey.”

David: Ah, see? That’s just a really good song.

Tom: Since you didn’t even keep the first song, I didn’t ask you how many stars you gave it. What about this one though?

David: You know what, I gave this one 5 stars and put it in my 5.2 playlist, the current upper echelon of the 5 starers.

Tom: Really?

David: Yeah. It’ll probably get bumped down in a little while once I get tired of it, but I’ve been liking it lately.

Tom: Okay, I have another question for you. Have you heard the Wil Wheaton version yet?

David: Oh, yeah. I actually saw the clip on Youtube before I even heard the original version of the song. I think that actually helped boost it as high as it ended up going.*

Tom: So I think we’ve agreed on that one. Good stuff, good stuff. What about the third song though? “W’s Duty.”

David: Oh, this was another song I hated.

Tom: Ha, why?

David: I don’t know. It was juvenile and silly, but not in a good way. It was just kind of stupid, and it wasn’t funny. The music wasn’t very accommodating either though.

Tom: So there weren’t any redeeming qualities at all?

David: I hate to say it, but not really. I deleted it too.

Tom: Wow, king of a rough starting month, huh?

David: Yeah. I haven’t deleted any other songs yet, and I really don’t plan on it.

Tom: So it was just a fluke?

David: You know what? I think so. I’m just thankful that I had heard JoCo before. I might not have continued to listen otherwise.

Tom: Really?

David: Yeah, but I knew he had good song, so I kept going and found them. I mean I’m already picking up on my favorite songs like “You Could be Her,” “Chiron Beta Prime,” “Creepy Doll,” and “Big Bad World One.” Of course there are others, but I won’t be talking about these ones for a while.

Tom: Well, before we start winding down, we have one more song to talk about.

David: Oh, yeah, I’m sorry. What’s the last one?

Tom: Week 4 brought us “Shop Vac.”

David: Tsh. That’s a hard one.

Tom: Why?

David: Well, I like it, and it’s a really solid song. I gave it 3 stars, but I think there’s a good chance that I’ll take more of a shine to it once I hear it a few more times.

Tom: Ah, so it’s kind of a sleeper song, eh?

David: You know what, it might be. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tom: Well, be sure to keep me updated.

David: Don’t worry I will.

Tom: I was afraid of that.

David: What?**

Tom: From all of us here at TAWR and the Bloggaday, I would like to thank you for linking in. Have a great day and don’t forget to tune in next week my co-host from the SotW interviews David about month two of Thing a Week.

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* Here is an excerpt from the original writup form the song: I do have to say though, finding Wil Wheaton’s name was pain in the wanker. I thought his first name was Wes and his last name was Whedon, like Joss Whedon. I wasn’t getting wifi where I was, so I was trying to find it on my iPhone, but it just wasn’t working.

** What exactly did you mean by that?***

*** Ha, last word again

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