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Bloggaday 185 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 11

Bloggaday 185 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 11

So I haven’t written anything for the story since the Aug 20th deadline last week. I didn’t think it was a big deal because I still had a bit of content for today. Unfortunately, I only have 800 words and even that is scattered between a few parts of what’s left of the story, so if you’ll excuse, I need to go write today’s PWND: Bloggaday. I’ll be back in a minute.

Alright. I wrote to the point where I wanted to stop it, but that ended up being 1,000 words, so now I have to find another place to stop.

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Sorry about. I also grabbed some breakfast… And some lunch >_>

The framed door closed, smacking Paul’s legs and biting at his shoes before locking closed.

Paul looked back as he skidded to a stop. One of the HAZMAT suits walked back from the door, hands up and away from the snapping door. When the body-shaped über condom spun around, Paul embraced it in a hug. Through a crackled voice, it said, “Just glad I could slow it down a little for ya.”

“Alright,” another voice cracked behind them. “We have work to tend to.”

Paul offered the Henric suit a nod and let his wife go. He offered them a waving ‘come’ and led the group as the other three trailed behind in their suits.

With an unencumbered voice, Sandra asked, "How is this facility laid out?"

The group stopped at a bulkhead before turning towards them. “It’s basically a large ‘8’ that loops back under the house. This hallways is only about half the length of the total. There’s also another hallway parallel to this,” he said, pointing off to his right. “Just beyond this bulkhead,” he continued with a thumb pointed behind him, “there is a short hall that connects the two which separates this place into two rooms, though there’s usually auxiliary areas built into them like the elevator at the end. There is another one at the end of this hallway that does the same thing.”

“I’m seeing more of an ‘A’ than an ‘8’ for the facility,” Sandra said as the others removed there masks.

Paul pointed behind the group and answered, “At the other end, there are stairs that connect the 3 levels. It gives each level the same feel and layout. Homogenous, if you will. Science folks just love that shit.”

“So which level will the zombie most likely be?” Henric asked.

Paul turned his attention to the wheel of the bulkhead, but said, “Well, I’d guess these tops levels housed the generic zombies.” The bulkhead gave a click and released from its frame. As he worked his way through the cramped opening, he continued, “Since you said they remove zombies that are evolving, I’d guess they would move those to the second floor.”

“Are you not sure?” Henric pestered as he was the last to walk through the bulkhead.

“Well, it looked like the bottom floor was going to be a lab of some sort, so if they were experimenting on the more advanced zombies, then they would probably be down there then.

“This process would require a large amount of zombies and would yield very few if any advanced zombies. The two levels are likely all zombies with some kind containment in the lab for any advanced specimen they breed,” Henric explained.

“I’d rather not open a number of rooms filled with zombies if I don’t have to.” Sandra sneered.

“We can just go to the lab then. I’m with Sandra. No point wasting our time doing a room check.” Melinda said.

“Sounds good to me,” Paul said with a shrug. “Let’s go.”

As the group started down the connecting hall, Henric collapsed against the wall. Sandra instantly grabbed for him with a shrieking, “Henric!”

She helped him back to his feet. Breathless, he held up a string attached to a laminated card, “PRESS” boldly printed above a picture of a young man. He offered a meek smile and said, “I knew no scientist would break protocol with such ramifications.” The smile vanished as his feet gave out again, falling into Sandra this time.

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