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Bloggaday 192 – NNP 4: An Audience of Myself

Bloggaday 192 – NNP 4: An Audience of Myself

With that in mind,* I probably should be writing completely uncensored Bloggadays, but I don’t think I can. The monkey joke from earlier was even a stretch. Though I pushed hard on my own boundaries on Bloggaday 2 when I talked about Avatar and DBZ. I won’t repeat them here, but if you want to see what I’m talking about, you can go here -> . Friends and family are on facebook, one of the two sites that I post the Bloggaday.** You know what? My funny commentary on porn isn’t exactly for friend/family consumption. Certain ones, sure, but that’s very certain ones. Also, if I had some faceless audience, then that would be one thing, but that’s just not the situation. I imagine it would be awkward if someone I knew walked up to me and quoted, “Hey, Tasty Beef Steak!”*** And you know what, my brother probably would. Hmm. If he reads this, he will anyways. >.>

It’s also kind of weird when somebody mentions it when I didn’t know they knew about the Bloggaday. It’s happened a couple of time with people from school. The most recent being, two people from the Sand Canyon Review ( production team were commenting on my weeklong**** absence. It was just kind of a groan moment because these are well-literatured***** people and the first thing that crosses my mind is, “Oh, jeeze. Please tell me you haven’t been reading the Wednesday fiction updates. The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular? Those are first drafts. I swear. I was just holding them for someone else. A friend. The friend is doing research.”******

I don’t know. The Bloggaday gets put out in a hurry a lot of times, so on a lot of them, I haven’t even proof-read them once before tossing them online. There’s only so much time, and this is a daily time-sink, so I tend to rush through it. I think I’ve already said earlier that I’ve written plenty great Bloggadays, but that’s in a pool of 200 daily posts. I’ve put out my fair share of meh content that I put up just because I’ve run out of ideas to write about every single day. I figure the chances of someone I know just randomly clicking on a Bloggaday update that’s one of my best is less than likely. So when the people who actually run an art and literary magazine (student-run, I’m also one of the team leaders) say they’ve read them, I guess I just have to cross my fingers and hope they read a good one.

It’s also kind of funny. I never told anyone I was starting the Bloggaday. Kind of like when I did the VVA’s like this -> or the podcast. I just felt kind of weird saying, “Hey, I do this thing. You need to go sit down and watch/read it right now and tell me what you think of it, what you really think of it if you liked it, but lie to me if you don’t like it because I’ve got no bird and I see no bush O_o.

And once again, I’ve got to dismiss you all for recess. Hurry back!

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*I’m not writing this for an audience, I’m moreso writing this for myself. See the last Bloggaday. I ended up adding stuff just before posting.

** The other being a blogspot

*** I actually posted this on my old myspace blog. It’s a commentary on something I saw engrishified.

**** Alright, 10 days, but on my day back I posted 3 or 4 extra Bloggadays so I would only be a week behind

***** Well-littered just didn’t sound right.

****** The aforemention “research” can be found at these links:

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