Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bloggaday 172 – British Judges and the Essence of “American,” a Bloggaday Double Feature

Bloggaday 172 – British Judges and the Essence of “American,” a Bloggaday Double Feature.

It amuses me that a show called America’s Got Talent only has one American judge*. If memory serves, Sharon is English and Piers is Irish.

I understand having the one hardass British judge. That seems to be the norms for shows like this, but to have over 50% of the judges to be from another continent seems odd. After all, they’re taking jobs away from good, honest, hard-working Americans.

Back to AGT though. I had to kind of stretch “American” for Howie’s sake. He’s Canadian, so technically, he’s still NORTH American, but that’s not really in spirit of AMERICA’s Got Talents since it means the United States of America. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt though since it’s seems ridiculous that a show that spouts patriotic talent has no talented judges from the said country.

One thing that always struck me as odd is how USA got the corner of the term “American.” Given the whole fact that there are 20+ other countries in the Americas.

I understand that it’s the United States of AMERICA, and none of the other countries have America in their names. Also, citizens of a country get called some derivative of their country’s name, so “American” is our only real option. This leads to America getting an easy take on the name. Still though. I don’t know. You guys got 800+ words yesterday, so I’m just going to end this Bloggaday at 250

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* I just watched the Youtube edition of America’s Got Talent. The magician was probably my favorite act.

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