Monday, August 30, 2010

Bloggaday 194 – NNP 6: Bloggaday no equal Diary. I Swear. Pt. 2

Bloggaday 194 – NNP 6: Bloggaday no equal Diary. I Swear. Pt. 2

I suppose the reason why this all bugged me enough to give it a 500+ words rant among these Bloggadays actually stems form an earlier event. When I first started writing stories, I wrote, oh jeeze, what was it? Okay, I found it. It was in my old PC folder -> Story -> 1st. that’s right folks. First bit of longer fiction ever. I went over what got me into writing on another Bloggaday, so I won’t go into it here.*

Well, for my story, I would print a page off and give a copy for each of my parents to read. It was a mystery piece, but I paced it so at the end of every page there was a cliffhanger. I thought** it rather clever. It was cool because my dad would take them to work and send me an email after he finished reading them, and it would be a really cool email that he would send me.

Well, fast forward a bit. I don’t know if I took a couple days off or what happened. I ended up printing the last 4 pages but I might have just busted them all out in one sitting (The whole thing is 5,500 words, but the font was HUGE. I think with my ever-changing format to cliffhang each page, it ended up being like 25 pages. That’s what 200 a page? So, I print out the last 4 pages of “The After Dinner Party,” and gave them to him.

A while goes by, and I was curious about what he thought about the ending of the story since he hadn’t brought it up. He didn’t know what I meant. I don’t know if he paid so little attention to the story that he thought he had finished it before the last couple of pages or that it didn’t dawn on him to read the pages because it wasn’t a significant enough thing to register on his consciousness, but at that point I decided that if reading the last 6th of a story that he was already like 4k+ invested into, and the story was of such little concern to him I wasn’t going to bother him to read anything else I would ever write. Pretty much just completely destroyed the cool emails he had sent me.

Holy snapfooey. I wonder if that’s why I’m so weird about self-promoting myself to people I know? Jeeze. Talk therapy works I suppose. I’m a better psychologist than I thought.

Of course, he’s going to be on facebook and this’ll be the one Bloggaday he reads. “I don’t know, David. It kind of seemed like a diary to me.” /facepalm

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194 August 27

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